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Business Card

Elevate your expense
management and
business prestige

CCB (Asia) Business Card offers various exquisite privileges to elevate your consumption experience and business prestige. Please contact your Commercial Banking Relationship Manager for enquiry and application.

Customized Cardface Option

Apply your preferred photo to characterize your Business Card as a signature of corporate identity and staff loyalty.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here.


Preferential Interest Rate

Save your spending by enjoying preferential monthly rate of 1.5%* for retail purchase and cash advance (APRs are respectively 19.56% and 20.78%).

* Please refer to CCB (Asia) Business Card Fee Schedule for details.

An APR is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualized rate.


Overseas Transaction Savings

Benefit from year-round handling fee waiver for overseas spending


Spending Rewards

Earn 1 Bonus Point for every RMB / HKD 1 spending and cash advance. Your bonus points can be redeemed for cash rebate in RMB / HKD and automatically converted on monthly basis.

Bonus Point Cash Rebate
Every 250 points RMB / HKD 1

Terms and Conditions apply. Please click here.


Annual Fee Waiver

Enjoy annual fee waiver for the first two years. Accumulate spending of HKD30,000 / year to continue the waiver for following years.

Annual fee is HKD800 per year if annual spending requirement cannot be fulfilled from the second cardmembership year onwards.

  Click here to download Cardmember Agreement for CCB (Asia) Business Card in PDF format

Click here to download CCB (Asia) Business Card Fee Schedule in PDF format
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