Enjoy high interest with ease

Optimize Your Capital with Greater Investment Flexibility

Interest Plus Savings Account offers you the best interest rate plus withdrawal flexibility to meet timely investment. It's simple to keep rewarding yourself with ease.

Super High Rate Savings in Town

On top of earning a regular savings rate, Interest Plus Savings Account gives you higher return like no other. You can enjoy bonus interest* for all new deposits you make in the month, allowing you to grow your deposit faster to capture any investment opportunity when arises.

No Fixed Deposit Period for Complete Financial Flexibility

You can withdraw money from your account whenever you want to. Enjoy the utmost financial flexibility to react quickly to every investment opportunity for the best returns.

Open an Account Now

The minimum account opening amount is HKD20,000. Act now to best manage your money and maximise your returns.

For inquiries, please call our Bank By Phone at (852) 277 95533 or visit any of our branches .

Terms and Conditions
* The bonus interest will be accrued daily at such rate as determined by the Bank from time to time, if the day-end balance of each calendar day is higher than the beginning balance of the first calendar day of that calendar month, and will be awarded on a monthly basis should all of the following criteria are met:
(i) The account has at least one deposit/credit transaction but no withdrawal/debit transaction within that calendar month, except where the withdrawal is made in the manner described in (ii) below; and
(ii) If any withdrawal transaction is made from the account, the total withdrawal/debit transaction amount in that calendar month is lower than or equal to the total amount (in Hong Kong Dollar equivalent) for purchase of any "Designated Investment Products" from the Bank by the account holder in the same calendar month.
  • "Designated Investment Products" include but not limited to Mutual Fund, Structured Equity Linked Investment Product, FX Linked Deposit, Structured Product, Securities Trading, FX Margin Trading, Bonds, offered to customers by the Bank from time to time.
  • If customers close the account within 3 months after account opening, a HKD150 handling fee will be levied. The account is bound by the "Supplemental Terms and Conditions for Interest Plus Savings Account" which is available upon account opening.

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