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Open the cross-border account with CCB (Asia) and CCB, and you will be backed by the financial strength and extensive network of CCB Group. All it takes is the Cross Border Long Card to manage your finances more easily and flexibly anywhere in Mainland China or Hong Kong.

CCB Electronic Banking Registration Service (Service is unavailable)
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Leverage a remarkable saving rate

One Card Access to Several Accounts:
Offers CCB Reminbi ("RMB") Account, HKD Cash Account, HKD Remittance Account,and RMB Time Deposit (if any) and CCB (Asia) HKD Savings, Checking, or RMB Savings Account.
Auto-transfer Between Accounts in Two Regions:
One Cross Border Long Card can link up customers' CCB(Asia) and CCB accounts. With the advantage of auto-transfer between accounts in two regions, you can enjoy the convenience of cross-border financial management with just one card. Whenever you perform a transaction at an ATM and / or POS terminal, and if the preset account has insufficient funds, the entire sum will be automatically debited from other designated accounts.
Direct Debit from RMB Account:
Withdrawing funds or performing transactions at an ATM in Mainland China, the transaction amount can be debited from the RMB Account with CCB (Asia) directly. You can also withdraw RMB directly from the CCB (Asia) RMB account via ATMs of CCB (Asia), exchange fee can be saved!

Comprehensive services at your fingertips

Comprehensive Channels for CCB RMB Time Deposit Account:
You can check your CCB RMB Time Deposit Account# details through consolidated monthly statement, ATMs, Online Banking and Bank By Phone service of CCB (Asia) upon successful account opening.
Online Banking and Bank By Phone:
To enjoy the convenience of cross border financial management, you can check your CCB (Asia) and CCB account balance round-the-clock anywhere - simply sign in to CCB (Asia) and CCB Online Banking or via Bank By Phone.
Wide ATM/ POS Network:
In Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas, you may withdraw cash and perform transactions via CCB, CCB (Asia), CCB (Macau), CUP, JETCO and EPS ATMs and/or POS payment to manage your finances more conveniently than ever.
Instant Remittance Service:
With the exclusive instant remittance service, funds can be immediately transferred from your CCB account to your CCB (Asia) account.
Consolidated Monthly Statement: A CCB (Asia) consolidated monthly statement allows you to review CCB (Asia) and CCB account information at a glance.

ATM handling fee waiver

ATM cash withdrawal fees will be waived if you withdraw cash at CCB (Asia), CCB (Macau) or CCB* ATM network

Overseas ATM Transactions

You need not to activate the Overseas ATM Transactions for any cash withdrawal transaction via ATMs of CCB and UnionPay in mainland China, if CCB Account is the debit account. You can activate / change your Overseas ATM Transactions setting through ATMs, Online Banking, and Customer Service Hotline or visit any branch of CCB (Asia) for any auto-transfer cash withdrawal to CCB (Asia) account.

Comprehensive customer services

China Concierge Service:
Enjoy exclusive China Concierge Service arranged by CCB (Asia). Simply present your Cross Border Long Card to over 10,000 branches in the Mainland China and you would enjoy a nationwide travel concierge and emergency support service wherever you are in Mainland China.
Extensive Branch Network:
Approximately 32,000 branches in Mainland China
Over 37 branches in Hong Kong
8 branches in Macau

For more details of CCB Phone Banking call flow, please click here. For enquiry of CCB RMB Time Deposit Rate *, please click here.

* Checking and/or savings account with CCB (Asia) are a deposit qualified for protection by the "Deposit Protection Scheme” in Hong Kong. Deposits in any currency placed with the designated branch of CCB in Mainland China are not protected under the "Deposit Protection Scheme" Ordinance in Hong Kong.


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Hotline 2779 5533(HK) /
4001 995533 (Mainland)

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RMB Currency Risk
RMB is subject to the PRC government's control (for example, exchange restrictions). Besides, there is no guarantee that RMB will not depreciate. If customers convert Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency into RMB so as to invest in RMB denominated investment products and subsequently convert the RMB redemption proceeds back into Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency, you may suffer a loss if RMB depreciates against Hong Kong Dollar or other currency.

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