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Peace of Mind Guarantee

Customers of Online Banking Service are fully protected against any third party fraud. You will not suffer any loss if money is withdrawn from your account without your authorization, provided that you have not acted with gross negligence or fraudulently. Any unauthorized transactions must be reported to the Bank within 90 days. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions For Electronic Banking Services.

Ensuring maximum online banking security is a joint effort and your cooperation is equally important. Please ensure that you observe the following precautionary measures so you can benefit from our online security service to it's fullest.

Help us safeguard your data security

Look for closed padlock and check for " https:// "
in your Web browser before you enter your Customer ID and Password. Double click the closed padlock to check the digital certificate is issued to "" by "" or "Secure Server Certification Authority" .
Avoid using hyperlinks embedded in e-mail or on other Web site to sign in to Online Banking. The Bank protects your banking requests that require the entering of bank account information and/or personal particulars with SSL. For your protection, please avoid providing this information through e-Mail or on hyperlinked Web site.
Beware of fake dialog boxes that prompt you to enter irrelevant confidential information such as ATM Password, expiry date. Your PC may already infected with viruses or Trojan Horses. If in doubt, do not enter any information.

To safeguard your PC from malicious program attack and prevent unauthorized access to your personal data, you should install anti-virus software and personal firewall. The software has to be updated regularly to ensure you are covered with the latest protection.
Avoid installing Spyware. Do not download any freeware onto your computer from unknown source. Read carefully the user agreement if you choose to install any downloaded software.

You should install anti-spyware software and run it regularly to clean up spyware loaded in your PC. The anti-spyware has to be updated regularly in order to safeguard against the latest threats
You are advised not to use your Online Banking Customer ID and Password for any other internet banking accounts, on-line memberships or internet services.
Do not share your online banking customer ID or Password with anyone.
You should change your Password regularly and frequently. You can do this online when you sign in to online banking.
Your Password should not be made up of easily recognizable combinations. Avoid combinations such as your birthday, phone number or vehicle license plate number.
No one other than yourself will need to use your Password. This includes China Construction Bank (Asia) staff. You should never furnish your Password to anyone who claims to represent China Construction Bank (Asia).
Always log off from China Construction Bank (Asia) Online Banking as soon as you finish your banking activities. Never walk away from your computer with your account information displayed. You are advised to close your browser after signing off to avoid any data caching.

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