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Security Token

Security Token can help you conduct designated Online Banking services safely. When you are conducting designated Online Banking services, you would be prompted to enter a security code displayed on your Security Token for verification. If the security code is correct, your transaction can be authenticated successfully.

Security Token replacement arrangement

To enhance the security of Online Banking Services, from December 19, 2016 to October 31, 2017, we would provide a new Security Token (2nd Generation) to the exiting Security Token holders (the “Customers”). The new Security Token will be mailed to the mailing address that the Customer registered at the Bank; Customer is not required to apply it at branch. For more information, please visit Frequent Asked Questions or call our Customer Service Hotline:

Personal Banking Customer: (852) 277 95533 or 4001 995533 (Mainland Toll Free Hotline)
Commercial Banking Customer: (852) 290 38382

Which Online Banking services require the use of a Security Token?

Types of transaction Personal Banking Commercial Banking
Funds transfer to same name accounts held within CCB (Asia)  
Funds transfer to registered accounts  
Funds transfer to unregistered accounts
Setup eAlerts Services  
Employer Payroll Autopay Service  
Online Securities Trading Services
Online Trade Services  
Time Deposit  

The services listed above are subject to the related terms and conditions of the services.
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