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CCB (Asia) Tastie Pass Credit Card

Enjoy a bountiful dining journey!

Enjoy a bountiful dining journey in Hong Kong with CCB (Asia) Tastie Pass Credit Card!

3X Bonus Points for All Dining1
Enjoy 3X bonus points on all dining throughout the year. No registration is required. Reward yourself every meal!
Feast Yourself on Different Cuisines
Dine with us to enjoy fabulous offers on irresistible Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean cuisine every day!
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Enjoy the Convenience of Contactless Payment
The contactless payment function2 allows you to settle payment at various merchants by simply tapping your credit card on reader at checkout. No signature is required.
1 Including the basic bonus points given under the CCB (Asia) Credit Card Bonus Points Program. The accumulated maximum extra bonus points per Eligible Card account for each calendar year (From January 1 to December 31) is 100,000 bonus points.
2 The transaction limit for contactless payment function on each purchase is set at HKD500 or HKD1,000 at the discretion of individual merchants. There is no difference for purchase over HKD500 or HKD 1,000 and cardmember is required to sign on the transaction slip. For details of the contactless payment function, please visit

Apply Now Hotline 317 95578
Apply Now Hotline 317 95500

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