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Trusted and specialized protection
for every eventuality
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel the world with 14
    thorough insurance coverage
    for your peace of mind
    Learn more
    Travel Insurance
  • China Travel Insurance
    Protect yourself with all-round
    travel insurance coverage and
    free 24-hour emergency
    Learn more
    China Travel Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
    Enjoy your motoring time with
    our total protection of third-party
    cover or comprehensive cover
    Learn more
    Motor Insurance
  • Domestic Helper Insurance
    Give your domestic helper the
    assurance of care
    Learn more
    Domestic Helper Insurance
  • Fire Insurance
    Give your property total
    protection at low premiums
    Learn more
    Fire Insurance
  • Home Contents Insurance
    Protect your properties at home
    from the unexpected with the
    "All Risk" plan
    Learn more
    Home Content Insurance
  • Personal Accident
    Give you a worry-free life
    protection with no medical
    examinations required
    Learn more
    Personal Accident
  • Medical
    Care for your health with
    comprehensive medical
    Learn more
  • Property Owner's Liability Insurance
    Cover your responsibilities as
    property owner with all-rounded
    Learn more
  • Golfer’s Protector
    Enjoy your game with protection
    against accidents and the
    Learn more
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