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Value-Added Mortgage

Link your mortgage & checking accounts
to save on interest

Value-Added Mortgage enables you to enjoy a preferential mortgage loan interest rate, a high deposit interest with rate equivalent to the mortgage loan, and the flexibility of fund deposit or withdrawal. While it helps to save on interest and shorten loan tenor, owning your dream house can never be easier.

Enjoy interest rate same as mortgage-rate

With Value-Added Mortgage, your checking account is linked to your mortgage account
Enjoy a preferential deposit with rate equivalent to the mortgage loan
Interest will be accrued daily based on the account balance
Apply up to 50% of the outstanding principle amount of the mortgage loan

Save on interest and shorten the tenor

When your finances allow:
You may deposit money to your mortgage-linked checking account, earning high deposit interest to off set the Value-Added Mortgage interest expense

At times when you need cash:
Free to withdraw up to 100% of your deposit from the mortgage-linked checking account with no handling fee

Value-Added Mortgage offers flexible terms for easy financing

Choose to repay your mortgage once every two weeks to shorten your loan tenor as well as savings interest expense

Other Privileges

Waiver of the Low Balance Account Monthly Maintenance Fee and ATM annual fee on the mortgage-linked checking account during the mortgage period

Apply Online Hotline 2903 8308 Visit Our Branches
Apply Online Hotline 2903 8308 Visit Our Branches

Customers should open a checking account with the bank and use the account for mortgage repayment.

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