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Balance Transfer Program

Consolidate your outstanding balance
to save interest, lower monthly
repayments and get extra cash

Consolidate your outstanding credit card balance with CCB (Asia) to not only save interest, but lower monthly repayments as well as get extra cash for your other financial needs. Consolidate your balance now and regain your financial freedom.

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Loan Features

Loan amount up to HKD1.2 million or 21 times your monthly salary (whichever is lower)
Handling fee waiver
Repayment tenor up to 84 months

Credit Card
Outstanding *
CCB (Asia)
Balance Transfer
Program ^
Loan amount
Monthly repayment amount
Monthly repayment amount reduced by 8%
Repayment period
275 months
24 months
Shorten repayment period by 251 months
Total interest expense
Save interest expense by 94%

Notes: The above example is for reference only

* Assuming the total outstanding loan amount is HKD500,000 and interest rate is 30% per annum (Annualized Percentage Rate ("APR") is 34.49%). The repayment period and total interest expense are calculated based on the minimum payment of 5% of the monthly outstanding amount. The monthly repayment amount is the average of the first 6 months repayment.

^ Assuming the loan amount is HKD500,000, repayment period is 24 months, no handling fee and at rate is 0.25% per month (APR is 5.81%). The above interest rate, monthly repayment amounts, loan tenor and interest savings may vary for each individual customer and are subject to customer's loan status and final approval of the Bank.

The APR is calculated according to the standard of Hong Kong Association of Banks and is rounded up/down to the nearest two decimal places. An APR is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rates and other applicable fees and charges of the product expressed as an annualized rate. Interest is charged daily and calculated on the basis of 365 days per year.

For more tips and information, you may refer to our Key Facts Statement (KFS) for Instalment Loan or Financial Tips of this website.

For details, please refer to promotional terms and conditions.

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*0939 via
Mobile Phone Directly

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