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Personal Loan Calculator and Repayment Schedule

Please provide the following information to calculate the Monthly Repayment Amount and generate
the example of Repayment Schedule:

Loan Amount:

Please input a Loan Amount.
Please enter a Loan Amount between HK$5,000 and HK$2,000,000.
Loan Amount must be in numeric.

Interest Rate
(Monthly Flat Rate):

Please input a Interest Rate (Monthly Flat Rate).
Please enter a Interest Rate (Monthly Flat Rate) between 0.0001% and 2%
Interest Rate (Monthly Flat Rate) must be in numeric.

Loan Tenor:


Handling Fee (p.a):

Please input a Handling Fee (p.a).
Please enter a Handling Fee between 0% and 10%.
Handling Fee (p.a) must be in numeric.


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