Our Stories

Our Stories
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  • "…I started my career as a Management Trainee ("MT") in Consumer Banking 10 years ago. Through a fast tracking career path under the MT program, I was promoted to be a Branch Manager in a Central branch few years ago. I was given tremendous support and encouragement as I progressed to the next higher level. I appreciate the Bank very much for providing me with opportunities to take part in different projects as a project lead. I was able to uplift my expertise and management capabilities throughout the years… In particular, it was a memorable experience for me to win a prize in one of the renowned award in the financial industry – A Distinguished Salesperson Award and lead up the project of setting up new branch banking…"

    Kristy Fung (2008 MT)
    Consumer Banking
    Graduate of The University of Hong Kong

  • "…the corporate culture of CCBA is caring and empathetic. Our management understands that young professionals moving to the corporate world after graduation from the university need to undergo a number of adjustments, the MT Program has provided me with coaching and mentoring to settle down at ease. I am very grateful to my supervisors and fellows for their great support in cultivating my professional and personal growth…"

    Jacqueline Ng (2011 MT)
    Human Resources
    Graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • "…The Program is fantastic! I started my all-rounded banking experience through a 2 to 3-month intensive Banking Foundation Training upon the commencement of the Program. I am grateful to gain exposure to different key functions of the Bank through functional attachment, job shadowing and management sharing arrangement. Those are the essential items combined together to allow me to form a full picture of the Bank…"

    Max Ma (2013 MT)
    Graduate of The University of Toronto

  • "…I have experienced the Bank’s commitment to develop myself to the fullest potential. I am excited to get involved in different kinds of bank-wide or business projects to improve my strategic business mindset and be committed to providing all-rounded strategic financial solutions to enhance our corporate business. Those experiences have greatly enriched my corporate banking exposure and also my knowledge to keep myself abreast with the latest market development…"

    Li Zhaoxi (2015 MT)
    Corporate Banking
    Graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • "…Every program assignment demands our very best, providing us with opportunities to gain valuable knowledge and master the skills effectively. In particular, I treasure the opportunity to participate in special assignments, for example the various Fin-Tech initiatives, which is very helpful for expanding my horizons in the business world. It elevates my professional knowledge and skills effectively not simply through class-room training but hands-on experience!"

    Rachael Yip (2017 MT)
    Legal & Compliance
    Graduate of The University of Hong Kong

  • "…Being a Management Trainee ("MT") brought me tremendous opportunities. From being a member of a newly established team to managing various projects on new products and system enhancement, I have to overcome miscellaneous challenges which allows me to acquire and develop my expertise in digital transformation and project management. I am grateful for the unconditional support and continued guidance from my supervisors and fellows whenever projects bring me new challenges…"

    Candice Wong (2018 MT)
    Graduate of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology