Terms & Conditions

  1. Subject to Terms and Conditions for Employer Payroll Autopay Service, upon successful enrollment in the Employer Payroll Autopay Service (the “Service”), the Customer may be entitled to the privileges/discounts (the “Offer”) as set out in this brochure, and may include one or more of the following:- interest on checking account (please see Clause 2 below for details), preferential time deposit rates (please see Clause 3 below for details), fee discount for our designated insurance (please refer to our Bank’s announcement from time to time), and fee waiver for our designated bank services (please refer to our Bank’s announcement from time to time).
  2. The offer of interest on checking account is only available to the Payroll Payment Account if it is a checking account, and not any other checking account maintained by the Customer with our Bank. The interest rate will be the same as the rate for a regular HKD savings account and is subject to change from time to time at our Bank’s discretion without prior notice.
  3. The preferential time deposit interest rate is applicable to time deposit(s) which is placed with our Bank and satisfies the requirements on minimum deposit amount, tenure, and currencies as announced by our Bank from time to time. The Bank reserves the exclusive right to change the terms of the preferential time deposit interest rate at its sole discretion.
  4. RMB Payroll Service is only applicable for payroll crediting to employee’s account at our Bank.
  5. If the Service is suspended or terminated for any reason, from the effective date of such suspension or termination (or any other date which our Bank may specify at its sole absolute discretion), the Customer will no longer be entitled to any of the Offer.
  6. The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other prevailing program offers of our Bank.
  7. The availability and terms of the Offer are subject to our Bank’s final approval and confirmation. Our Bank reserves the exclusive right to vary, modify and terminate any of the Offer at any time (whether prior to or during the provision of the Service to the Customer) without prior notice.
  8. The detailed terms of the Service are contained in the “Terms and Conditions for Employer Payroll Autopay Service” which is available upon application for the Employer Payroll Autopay Service.
  9. In case of dispute, the decision of our Bank shall be final and binding.