Take your business's growth to the next level

Our comprehensive commercial financing solutions can help bring your enterprise to its next level of growth. Talk to us to find out more about our comprehensive financing solutions for your company.

  • Working Capital Financing:

    We can offer overdraft and short-term advance facilities to serve your financial needs.

  • Asset Purchase Financing:

    To support your business expansion, we also offer mortgage loans for your property acquisitions.

  • Equipment Financing:

    To facilitate expanding your production capacity as you grow your business, short to medium term advance in the form of machine loan or leasing can be made available against the pledge of machinery or equipment for use in both Hong Kong and China.

  • Account Receivables Financing:

    Maximize the use of your account receivables to obtain our short-term advance and your borrowing capacity can be increased as your sales increase.

  • Stockbroker Financing:

    Under our 'Stockbroker Financing Program', short-term advance or overdraft facility can be offered to stockbrokers who in turn can provide financing to their securities trading margin customers.

  • Factoring Service:

    Provides you with a complete financial package that combines credit protection, accounts receivable management, collection service and advances against the factored receivables. This can enhance your competitiveness through more business on open account terms and also accelerate your cash flow and reduce administrative costs.