Corporate eStatement and eAdvice Service

Corporate e-Statements
Manage accounts easily and environmentally

CCB (Asia) is dedicated to providing seamless online banking experience. Corporate customers may now subscribe to eStatement and eAdvice services through Online Enterprise Banking Services within two steps. Go paperless now and save the planet!

Warm Reminder

In order to view your eStatement and eAdvice online, please ensure you can log in to your Online Enterprise Banking Services

Not yet registered for Online Enterprise Banking Services?
Please contact your Relationship Manager or visit our Branches for application
Not yet activated for Online Enterprise Banking Services?
If you have received Security Device(s) and PIN mailer(s) upon successful registration of Online Enterprise Banking Services, please activate the service now. Upon activation, you may enable eStatement and eAdvice functions by following the steps below
Operation Steps
Master User login Online Enterprise Banking Services > Click “Featured Service” > “e-Statement/e-Advice Management” Select the required Service Type > Click “Modify”
If you would like to receive in digital format*, please select “Yes”