Value Added Payroll Service

Empower your wealth
with uplifting interest

CCB (Asia) Value Added Payroll Service is the pioneer to launch the HKD/RMB Auto-Exchange Plan to maximize your salary. By adding an extra high interest rate and monthly bonus rewards, you can make the most of your monthly salary!

  • Pioneer launch RMB Value Added Payroll Service

  • With the HKD/RMB Auto-Exchange Plan, you can customize an amount from your Payroll Account to exchange to RMB, so that you can reap the potential benefit of RMB appreciation by using Dollar Cost Averaging to grow wealth.

  • Super High RMB Savings Account Interest Rate

  • Provides a higher bonus savings interest rate on RMB Savings Account so you can gain greater returns while you enjoy the flexibility.

    Monthly Average Account Balance
    RMB Savings Account Interest Rate
    Savings Interest Rate (p.a) Bonus Interest Rate (p.a.) Total Interest Rate (p.a)
    $10,000 to $200,000 below 0.4% + 0.8% = 1.2%
    $200,000 to $1,000,000 0.5% + 1% = 1.5%
  • Checking Account Enjoy Savings Account Interest Rate

  • Free to choose either a Savings Account or a Checking Account as your HKD Payroll Account. Even if you select a Checking Account, you can also enjoy the same Savings Account interest rate.

  • Enjoy Packaged Banking Service Privileges

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager to serve your banking needs

  • Bonus Points Reward Programme

  • Monthly Maintenance Fee Waiver

  • Discount offers on banking services, investment and insurance products*

*Offers are subject to terms & conditions.

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