CCB (Asia) Account Linking Service (WeChat Banking)

Grasp your account status instantly

Now you can enjoy our Banking Services on WeChat. Simply follow our official WeChat account (ID:ccbasiahk) and complete the registration for our CCB (Asia) Account Linking Service, then you can have a grasp of your designated account(s) details anytime.

Upon successful linking, you can

  • Enquire the balance of your deposit account(s) with the Bank and also your deposit accounts with China Construction Bank Corporation in Mainland China with which your Cross Border Long Card(s) is/are linked1.
  • Check the balance, minimum payment, payment due date and bonus points of your credit card account(s) with the Bank.
  • Receive logon security alert via WeChat push notification1 every time you successfully log on to our Online Banking and Mobile Banking.
  • Activate your credit card 2.
  • Enquire the application status of your credit card2.
  • Receive transaction alert via WeChat push notification for the following activities:

    Transaction conducted via Online Banking1

    • CCB(Asia) account fund transfer
    • Other local bank account fund transfer
    • Overseas fund transfer
    • Bill Payment

    Transaction conducted with banking account1

    • ATM Cash Withdrawal
    • Point-of-Sale(POS) Payment3
    • PPS

    Transaction conducted with credit card

    • ATM Cash Withdrawal
    • Point-of-Sale(POS) Transaction3
    • Card-Not-Present Transaction4

    Reminder to Credit Card customer

    • Credit Card Bonus point expiry date
  1. This function is not available if your linking is conducted via your CCB(Asia) Credit Card account.
  2. This service does not require successful linking.
  3. POS Payment including EPSCO payment and UnionPay payment.
  4. Transaction alert will be sent for transaction exceeding the designated amount.

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