Smart Teller Machine

Quick & Easy Self-Service Banking
with Versatile Functionalities

CCB(Asia)’s brand-new Smart Teller Machine provides customers with diversified self-service banking solutions, which save your time from queuing up at teller counters and allow you to perform banking services with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

More functions are available for your hassle-free experience!

Online / Mobile Banking Service

Register for Online Banking and Mobile Banking Services

Register for Online Banking and Mobile Banking Services. Once registration is completed, you can log on to our Online Banking and Mobile Banking immediately.

Reset Online Banking Password

Reset your online banking password

Time Deposit
(Customer must hold a Time Deposit Account)

Principal amount will be immediately debited from the selected Savings / Checking account

Edit Time Deposit maturity instruction


Open Additional Account

Existing banking customers can open additional account(s) and link the account(s) to the CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Debit Card. Supported Account Types:

Statement Savings Account

Statement Checking Account

Multi-Currency Statement Savings Account

Time Deposit Account

Premier Savings Account

Upgrade Service

Upgrade Premier Savings Account

Existing banking customers can upgrade their HKD Statement Savings Account to PREMIER Savings Account.

Set up e-Statement/e-Advice Service

Time Deposit Account

Customer can set up time deposit e-Advice

Account Summary Enquiry

Deposits Enquiry

The Savings, Checking and Time Deposit account transaction(s) within 3 months can be easily checked

Loan Enquiry

The loan information can be easily checked through Smart Teller Machine


Set up/update eAlert and customer can choose to receive eAlert by email and/or SMS. Services include:

Time Deposit Maturity

ATM Cash Withdrawal

Personal Loan


  • Loan Application - Customers can apply for e-loan and loan will be immediately disbursed to selected account (For selected customers only)
  • Loan Utilize – Loan can be drawn to selected account through Smart Teller Machine within the period of credit limit validity
  • Loan Repayment - Credit limit will be automatically restored upon repayment within the period of credit limit validity

Loan Enquiry

The loan information can be easily checked through Smart Teller Machine

Loan Repayment Schedule

Submit Loan Repayment Schedule Request

Credit Card

Credit Card Enquiry

Access your Credit Card details, including credit limit, available credit limit, available cash advance limit, statement date and statement due date

Credit Card eStatement

Provides more comprehensive billing information, including summary arrears, monthly statement cut-off days, transaction overview and credit card account overview

Foreign Exchange

Provide a choice of up to 11 major currencies including HKD, USD, GBP, JPY, EUR, CHF, AUD, CAD, NZD, SGD and RMB for exchange transaction

Investment Profile Questionnaire (IPQ)

Submit Investment Profile Questionnaire and acquire risk profiling score immediately

Passbook Update

Update passbook record(s) immediately

Checkbook Request

Submit Checkbook Request and 2 checkbooks will be delivered to customer in a week

Change Personal Information

Change email address and personal address, effective on the next working day

Update Consent to Direct Marketing

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