Terms and Conditions of Asia Miles Redemption Programme ("Programme")

  1. PROGRAMME AVAILABILITY - This Programme is only available for CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card and Diamond Credit Card ("Cards") issued by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited ("Bank", "we", "us", or "our") and is available only to the principal cardmember of the Cards ("Cardmember(s)") who have chosen Asia Miles™ as reward scheme. Cardmembers will earn one bonus point ("Bonus Point(s)") for every HK$1 or CNY1 spent on retail purchases and cash advances, unless otherwise specified by us from time to time. Cardmembers shall have a valid membership of Asia Miles ("Eligible Cardmember(s)" or "you").
  2. NO CHANGES AFTER APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED - Any application requests (an "Application"), under any Programme is irrevocable and may not be changed or withdrawn once submitted to us.
  3. ELIGIBLE TRANSACTIONS - Only spending on retail purchase and cash advances will be eligible for Points. There are no Points for any other payment types such as, including but not limited to, "Cash Out" Installment Programme, "FUN Express" Installment Programme, settlement of insurance loan repayment, finance charges, late charges, all account service charges, tax payment, real estate sales and automobile sales, wholesales transaction, donations to charitable and social service organization, donations to political organizations, court costs, bail, fine, government services and embassy and consulate fees and such other categories as we may at our sole discretion determine from time to time.
  4. BONUS POINT CAP ON DESIGNATED TRANSACTIONS - The total Bonus Points earned for each calendar year (From 1 January to 31 December) (“Calendar Year”) will be capped at 12 times of the latest approved combined credit limit (not applicable to temporary increase in credit limit) for transaction(s) of online bill payment(s) and payment(s) to insurance companies.
  5. POSTING OF BONUS POINTS - Points will be credited when the eligible transaction is posted on the Card account. For interest-free purchase-by-installment transactions, Points will be credited when an installment is posted on the account. Any Points that credited for ineligible transaction may, without prior notice, be reversed.
  6. BONUS POINTS EXPIRY - Bonus points earned are valid for up to 2 years and will be forfeited without notice on the last day of the following calendar year. For example, bonus point earned during 1 January, 2018 to 31 December, 2018 will be expired on 31 December, 2019. Bonus point earned during 1 January, 2019 to 31 December, 2019 will be expired on 31 December, 2020. All Bonus Points earned will be forfeited and cancelled without notice upon termination or cancellation of the Card.
  7. MILES REDEMPTION - Eligible Cardmembers can redeem 1 Asia MilesTM by 15 bonus points and there is no minimum redemption quantity. Eligible Cardmembers are required to pay a relevant redemption fee as specified in clause 8 below.
  8. REDEMPTION FEE - The redemption fee for the first 10,000 miles is HK$100, HK$50 will be charged for every additional 5,000 miles (HK$50 will be charged for less than 5,000 miles). The maximum redemption fee for a single redemption is HK$300.
  9. MILES CREDITING - Upon receipt of application of Asia Miles Redemption (an "Application"), the Bank will forward the relevant information to Asia Miles for processing. Miles will be credited to the relevant Asia Miles account within 4 to 6 weeks.
  10. DEDUCTION / REVERSAL OF BONUS POINTS AND REDEMPTION FEE - The bonus points and redemption fee required for successful Application will be deducted from the relevant HK$ Card account upon the receipt of Application. All such transaction details will appear in the subsequent monthly statement of the relevant Card account. In case of unsuccessful application, the deducted bonus points and redemption fee will be returned to your credit card account accordingly.
  11. CONSOLIDATION OF BONUS POINTS - Under this Programme, the bonus points earned on CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Platinum Credit Card and Diamond Credit Card cannot be combined with the bonus points earned by any other cards.
  12. INSUFFICIENT BONUS POINTS - Any Application for which insufficient Bonus Points are held will be automatically rejected.
  13. NOTIFICATION OF APPLICATION RESULT - Unless otherwise specified, a notification letter will be mailed to the Cardmember's correspondence address within 10 working days from our receipt of an Application, no matter the Application is successful or not or a follow up is needed. A Cardmember shall enquire through our Customer Services Hotline if he/she fails to receive the redemption letters within such period.
  14. DISCLAIMERS - The validity and use of any redeemed miles under the Programme shall be subject to the relevant usage instructions and terms and conditions set by Asia Miles ("Supplier"), please visit www.asiamiles.com for details. We shall not act as, or assume any liability of, a product/service supplier or agent of the Supplier. Any claim, complaint, or dispute concerning the miles shall be referred to and resolved directly with the Supplier, which shall in no way relieve such Cardmember from his/her payment or other obligations to us.