Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Octopus eat+ UnionPay Credit Card Rewards Program (“Program”):

  1. THE PROGRAM - This Program is only available for Octopus eat+ UnionPay Credit Card ("Card") cardmembers (“Cardmember(s)”), and the card is issued by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited (the "Bank", "we", "us" or "our"). The promotion period of the Program is from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”).
  2. SPENDING AMOUNT, REWARDS - Cardmembers can earn HKD5 cash rebate upon every net Eligible Transaction (defined in Clause 3) of HKD30 or above by built-in Octopus function or by UnionPay network of the Card at designated merchants including but not limited to FRESH(FRESH新鮮生活), HONG KONG FLAVOUR(本灣水產), HONG KONG MARKET(香港街市) and such other new merchants as added to the Program and published as posted by CCB (Asia) with 30 days in advance on CCB (Asia) website from time to time upon giving 30 days’ prior notification to Cardmembers before any such addition takes effective under the Program (“Designated Merchants”) during the Promotion Period. The maximum cash rebate is HKD100 per month (based on transaction date, counting from the 1st day to the end of each month). At any point of time, if Cardmembers do not agree to any subsequent change to the list of Designated Merchants under the Program, Cardmembers may apply to CCB (Asia) for cancellation the Card.
  3. ELIGIBLE TRANSACTIONS - Include retail transactions by built-in Octopus function or made by UnionPay network of the Card at the Designated Merchants.

    The Eligible Transactions by built-in Octopus functions of the Card are defined as:

    1. An Eligible Transaction refers to every retail transaction that deducts an amount from the built-in Octopus function of the Card made at any one of the Designated Merchants during the Promotion Period.
    2. An Eligible Transaction does not include a retail transaction of which the related transaction data has not been received or obtained by Octopus Cards Limited (“OCL”) from Designated Merchants at the time when OCL conducts data processing for fulfillment under this Program or a retail transaction that is eventually cancelled.
    3. Whenever there is Card malfunctions, lost or stolen or becomes invalid for whatever reason(s) during the Promotion Period, any and all retail transaction(s) and relevant amount(s) recorded on such malfunctioned, lost, stolen or invalid Octopus during the Promotion Period will not be considered as Eligible Transactions.
    4. The time of completing the Eligible Transactions and the value thereof as recorded in the transaction data received by OCL from Designated Merchants shall be final and conclusive for the purpose of this Program including but not limited to for determining the eligibility for the Program under Clause 2 above.
  4. EXCLUDED TRANSACTIONS - Any transactions that have been cancelled or refunded, or which we otherwise decide are not eligible.
  5. SUPPLEMENTARY CARDS - Spending by supplementary Cardmember(s) of the Card(s) during the Promotion Period will be treated as made by principal Cardmember(s) of the Card(s) for the purpose of the Program.
  6. FULFILLMENT OF THE REWARDS - The Rewards will be credited to the Cardmember’s respective Card Accounts within 3 months after fulfilling the Spending Amount of the Program and shown on the monthly statement. Cash rebate can only be applied against the outstanding in Card account statement and cannot be redeemed/withdrawn in cash nor transferrable. For the purposes of the calculation and fulfilment of Rewards by CCB (Asia) to Cardmembers under the Program, if applicable, CCB (Asia) has to obtain OCL a record of the transaction counts and amounts of the Octopus transactions Cardmembers have made using the Card at Designated Merchants (“Transaction Data”). Without such Transaction Data, CCB (Asia) will be unable to provide Rewards fulfilment to Cardmembers. It is a condition of Cardmembers’ participation in the Program and Cardmembers’ eligibility to receive the Rewards under the Program upon Cardmembers’ fulfillment of the requirements as stated in the terms and conditions for the Program (“Program Terms and Conditions”) and Cardmembers’ consent as required herein. Cardmembers confirm that Cardmembers have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Program Terms and Conditions and consent to: (a) the provision of the Octopus identification number of the Card (“Octopus ID”) to OCL, and (b) upon receipt of Cardmembers’ Octopus ID from CCB (Asia), disclosure of the Transaction Data on Cardmembers’ such Credit Card (as defined above) by OCL to CCB (Asia) for the duration of Cardmembers’ participation in the Program (being the first day of the month during which this application is approved until the date on which the Program comes to an end) (“Participation Period”); the Bank is able to: (i) for the purposes of rewards fulfilment to Cardmembers in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and/or (ii) respond to Cardmembers’ enquiries or disputes, if applicable, in connection with the Program. Cardmembers acknowledge that Cardmembers’ Transaction Data will only be processed by CCB (Asia) strictly for the rewards fulfilment purpose as set out hereinabove and not for any other purpose.
  7. OUR RECORD PREVAILS - Our records of your Rewards under the Program and all our decisions regarding Rewards shall (unless there is an obvious error) be final and binding upon you.
  8. ELIGIBILITY - Your eligibility for the Program is subject to our checking on your Card account status and your Card account(s) remaining valid and in good standing (as determined at our discretion) throughout the Promotion Period and at the time when the Rewards is given. Where Rewards have been credited and there is a subsequent reversal of any transaction(s) in respect of which the Rewards was awarded, the Bank reserves the rights to debit Rewards.
  9. FORFEITURE OF REWARDS - If the Card is voluntarily / involuntarily closed, all unredeemed Points and Points / Rebate not yet credited to the Card account are immediately forfeited. If the transaction for calculating Points / Rebate is cancelled / refunded, we may charge you an administrative fee of an amount equivalent to the Points / Rebate given to you from your Card account or any account with the Bank without prior notice. Any fraud or abuse committed in relation to the Programme (including but not limited to the earning of any Bonus Points or in connection with any redemption request) may result in the forfeiture of any Points and/or Rebates as well as the cancellation of a Cardmembers' Card account.
  10. RIGHT TO VARY, ETC. - We reserve the right to vary the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions, or to replace, cancel or withdraw the Program, at our discretion at any time without giving you prior notice.
  11. FINAL DECISION - We retain the final decision in any differences or disputes under the Program, and shall not be responsible or liable for any claims or liability resulting from any Cardmember's participation in the Program howsoever suffered or incurred.
  12. ENGLISH VERSION PREVAILS - Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.