CCB (Asia) Credit Card Installment Loan Program

Varieties of Installment Programs, Greater Repayment Flexibilities

Up-to 48-month interest-free installment plan


For more interest-free installment offers, please refer to the promotional leaflets.

"FUN Express" Installment Program +

Settle your shopping, dining, partying or online bills payment with our installment program for greater financial flexibility.

express spending installment

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"Cash Out" Installment Program +

Cash out your credit limit anytime and enjoy up to 48 months installment repayment to realize any plans at ease.

Cash Out Installment

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+ Applicable to selected credit card customers only. Terms and conditions apply. For program details, please refer to the relevant promotion leaflet or contact CCB (Asia) Credit Card 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at 3179 5533.