Octopus Auto Living UnionPay Diamond Credit Card

Experience Extraordinary Offers plus Auto Living Privileges

The new Octopus Auto Living UnionPay Diamond Credit Card brings you the extraordinary “Auto Privileges” and other auto-related lifestyle privileges, to experience sheer joy and exhilaration, and to drive towards a brilliant future.

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Perpetual Annual
Fee Waiver

Welcome Gift
New Cardmembers1who successfully apply for an Octopus Auto Living UnionPay Diamond Credit Card can enjoy:

cash rebate HKD800
cash rebate HKD500

Remarks: Offers are bound by terms and condition. Please refer to "Terms and Conditions of Octopus Auto Living UnionPay Diamond Credit Card Welcome Gifts for New Cardmembers" for details.

1. New Applicants must not have held a Principal Credit Card issued by the Bank at least 6 months prior to the date of application.
2. HK$800 Cash Rebate: Successfully apply for "Chill" Spending Installment Program with tenor of 6 months or above and minimum total installment amount of HK$15,000 in the first 3 months from Card issuance date.
3. HK$500 Cash Rebate: Minimum total spending of HK$8,000 in the first 2 months from Card issuance date, including 1 time Octopus Auto reload.
Extraordinary Auto Privileges
Parking and HKeToll Cash Rebate up to HKD100 monthly
Parking Offer
Use the Octopus built-in function to pay for parking fees, and enjoy up to HK$5 cash rebate with no registration and minimum spending required.
Subject to terms and conditions, please click here for details.
Enjoy up to 10% Cash Rebate with HKeToll
Enjoy up to HKD30 cash rebate for the first top-up of HKD300 or more in each phase when you link your Credit Card to the Designated Stored Value Account in the HKeToll mobile app; and up to HKD10 cash rebate for every subsequent top-up of HKD300 or more within the same phase!

Pre-registration is required to enjoy the HKeToll Offer

Register for September Cash Rebate
Subject to terms and conditions, please click here for details.
Auto Detailing 4% Cash Rebate
Earn 4% cash rebate on designated auto detailing merchants spending
Auto Loan Credit Card Monthly Autopay
Settle your CCB (Asia) Auto Loan payment with Octopus Auto Living UnionPay Diamond Credit Card and earn bonus point too.
Apply Now
Subject to terms and conditions, please click here for details.
Built-In Octopus Function and UnionPay Advantages
Octopus and credit card functions 2-in-1
A UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card with built-in Octopus function, so you can carry one card instead of two from now on for more convenience!

For details, please refer to Conditions of Issue of Octopus.

Built-In Automatic Add Value Service ("AAVS")
When your Octopus balance reaches a zero or negative balance, your built-in Automatic Add Value Service (AAVS) will automatically reload HK$250 or HK$500 the next time you "dood". You can earn Bonus Points for every successful AAVS transaction, and for even greater convenience, you can also convert your accumulated Bonus Point rewards into Monthly Auto Cash Rebates.

For details, please refer to Octopus Automatic Add Value Agreement.

Apply AAVS for Octopus card
  • The AAVS function is now available for Octopus card (including Octopus on iPhone/Apple Watch and Smart Octopus on Samsung Pay). Please download the application form here.
  • Submit your application via fax or online document submission:
    1. Credit Card Related Services (applicable to existing credit card customers only)
    2. Octopus Automatic Add Value Service Application Form

Note: You may apply for AAVS to be linked to three Octopus belonging to you and up to three Octopus belonging to your family members, friends or relatives aged 12 or above. However each Octopus can be linked to only one AAVS account. Please refer to the Terms of Application for Octopus Automatic Add Value Service and Personalised Octopus Application.

AAVS Function Activation
Aside from visiting Customer Service Centers at MTR stations, you can also use a compatible Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile device to activate the AAVS function in the Octopus App.
For further details, Please browse the
Activate AAVS Tutorial for more details.
Download Octopus App
You can search and download from Google Play and the App Store!
googlePlay App Store
Year-Round HK$0 Handling Fee Waiver for Overseas Spending
Enjoy a year-round waiver of Handling Charges for Overseas Spending and Foreign Exchange transactions to bring you even more fantastic savings.
Year-Round Spending Reward Scheme
Earn 1 Bonus Point for every CNY/HK$1 spent, Cash Advance and/or AAVS transaction, made with your Card; any accumulated Bonus Points may be redeemed for a Cash Rebate – either in CNY or HKD, which will be automatically converted on a monthly basis. What's more, there’s no limit to the amount of Cash Rebates to be earned.
Bonus Points Required Cash Rebate
Every 250 Points CNY/HK$1
  1. Any cash rebate amount earned will be deposited into your selected HKD/RMB credit card account, and will be shown in the same period of statement.
  2. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of "Dual Currency Cash Rebate Scheme" for details.
Dragon HKPay QR Code Payment
Dragon HKPay

CCBA UnionPay Credit Card holders may bind their credit card in Mobile Banking to enjoy UnionPay QR Code Payment Service. Upon successful binding, holders may make global QR Code payment to merchants simply through scanning a UnionPay QR Code. For details regarding the binding process and product functions, please refer to https://www.asia.ccb.com/hongkong/personal/banking_channels/dragon-hkpay/index.html

*UnionPay QR Code payments must be taken place in countries or regions where UnionPay International has permitted such service to be carried out.

UnionPay App
UnionPay and UnionPay App

With UnionPay App, you can make easier, faster and safer contactless payment with your CCB (Asia) UnionPay Credit Card than ever! Add your card to UnionPay App now to enjoy convenient payment and fabulous offers! For details regarding the binding process and product functions, please refer to https://www.asia.ccb.com/hongkong/personal/credit_cards/upapp/

Remark: Offers are bound by terms and condition. Please refer to www.asia.ccb.com for details.

1. Our Annualized Percentage Rate (“APR”) is calculated according to the standard of Hong Kong Association of Banks, and is rounded to the nearest two decimal places. An APR is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rates and other applicable fees and charges of the product expressed as an annualized rate.
The Annualized Percentage Rate (“APR”) for monthly interest rate 0.17% is calculated as follows: 6-month repayment period is 3.55%, 12-month repayment period is 3.81%, 18-month repayment period is 3.90%, 24-month repayment period is 3.94%, 36-month repayment period is 3.97%, 48-month repayment period is 3.97%, 60-month repayment period is 3.96%.

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