Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of CCB (Asia) Octopus UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card Welcome Gifts for New Cardmembers (“Program”):

  1. THE PROGRAM - This Program is only available to successful applicants ("Cardmember(s)", "you" or "your") for a principal card of CCB (Asia) Octopus UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card ("Card") issued by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited ("Bank", "we", "us" or "our") who submit their applications from now till March 31, 2021 or within such extended period or shortened period as we deem appropriate ("Promotion Period"), who at any time in the 6 months ending on the date of application did not hold any principal credit card issued by the Bank.
  2. ELIGIBILITY -Cardmember fulfills the below spending requirement on his/her new Card within the first 3 months from Card issuance date will be entitled to welcome gift ("Welcome Gift") as follows:
    Welcome Gift Spending Requirement
    Shell HKD300 Fuel Voucher

    Minimum total spending of HKD4,000 in the first 3 months from Card issuance date
    (including 1 time transaction at fuel station)

    HKD250 Octopus Cash Rebate
    (“Cash Rebate”)

    Minimum total spending of HKD4,000 in the first 3 months from Card issuance date
    (including 1 time Octopus Auto Reload)

  3. ELIGIBLE SPENDING - Only posted transactions during the Promotion Period are counted towards the above Spending Requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, all handling / administration fees, finance charges, late charges, reversed transactions and any transaction or transfer made via mobile app or which we otherwise decide to be not eligible at our sole and absolute discretion will not be counted for this purpose.
  4. VOUCHER - If you choose Shell HKD300 Fuel Voucher, Voucher will be mailed to your correspondence address within 6 months once you have fulfilled the Spending Requirement.
  5. CASH REBATE - If you choose HKD250 Octopus Cash Rebate, the Cash Rebate will be automatically credited to Cardmembers’ Card account within 6 months after you have fulfilled the spending requirement and shown in the monthly statement. Cash Rebate cannot be converted into cash, and/ or withdrawn as cash advance and is not transferable.
  6. APPROVAL - Your eligibility for the Welcome Gift shall be subject to our final decision (at our discretion), for which we are not obliged to provide any reason.
  7. RESTRICTIONS - If there is fraud and / or abuse in relation to your participation in this Program or you cancel your Card within 12 months from the date of Card issuance, we may charge you an administration fee of an amount equivalent to the cost of the Welcome Gift given to you from your Card account or any account with the Bank without prior notice. You may only receive one Welcome Gift , notwithstanding the number of successful applications of the Card under the Program. No change of the Welcome Gift will be accepted. Your Card account has to remain valid and in good standing at the time of fulfillment in order for you to be eligible for the Welcome Gift.
  8. DISCLAIMER - The validity and use of the Welcome Gift item under the Program shall be subject to the relevant usage instructions and terms and conditions set by the suppliers. We shall not act as, or assume any liability of, a product/service supplier (or its agent). Any claim, complaint and/ or dispute concerning the Welcome Gift must be referred to and resolved between the relevant supplier and the Cardmember, which shall in no way relieve such Cardmember from his/her payment or other obligations to us.
  9. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY - The Welcome Gifts are subject to availability at the point of redemption on first-come-first-served basis. Even if a redemption letter is issued, we may substitute another item/offer in case of non-availability. We will not provide notice of non-availability or substitution.
  10. OUR RECORD PREVAILS - Our records of your Welcome Gift earned under the Program shall (unless there is an obvious error) be final and binding upon you. The Bank reserves the right to request Cardmember to submit the relevant original sales slip(s) and /or such further document(s) and /or evidence for inspection at purchase or any time.
  11. FINAL DECISION - We may terminate or withdraw the Program at any time without notice and have the final decision (at our discretion) in all matters and disputes in relation to the Program. We may vary any relevant details and these Terms and Conditions. We shall not be responsible or liable for any claims or liability in relation to use of the Program howsoever suffered or incurred by any Cardmember or other person.
  12. ENGLISH VERSION PREVAILS - In case of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.