Dining and Food Delivery
Up to 11% Cash Rebate

2% Cash Rebate on Online Spending

CCB (Asia) Credit Card Privileges all your way

Eye Credit Card Cardmembers can earn up to 11% cash rebate for dining and food delivery platform spending!(including Online Shopping and Visa Contactless Payment 2% Cash Rebate)

Promotion Details

Dining and Food Delivery Platform Dining and Food Delivery Platform Spending Up to 9% Cash Rebate

4% Cash Rebate


Extra 5% Cash Rebate

(accumulated retail transaction must be HKD8,000 or above by phase)

Food delivery platform:



Promotion period: From now to August 31, 2022 (in 3 Phases*)

Phase 1 : May 25, 2022 – June 30, 2022

Phase 2 : July 1 – 31, 2022

Phase 3 : August 1 – 31, 2022

Online Shopping and Visa Contactless Payment Online Shopping and Visa Contactless Payment to Enjoy 2% Cash Rebate (equivalent to 5X Bonus Point)#

* The maximum cash rebate amount is HKD800 per phase (Including 4% Cash Rebate and extra 5% Cash Rebate).

# 5X Bonus Points includes the basic bonus points and an extra 4X bonus points. The accumulated maximum extra bonus points per Eligible Card account for each calendar year (From January 1 to December 31) is 300,000 bonus points. Terms & Conditions apply. For "Terms and Conditions of CCB (Asia) eye Credit Card Extra Bonus Point Rewards", please click here.
Cardmembers can redeem cash rebates with bonus points, in the conversion rate of every 25,000 points for HKD100 cash rebate, please click here for details.


  1. Subject to terms and conditions of Bonus Points Reward Programme, please click here for details.
  2. Only applicable to eye Platinum Credit Card.
We are an authorized institution under the Banking Ordinance, licensed for Type 1 and Type 4 regulated activity under the Securities and Futures Ordinance and an approved insurance agent under the Insurance Companies Ordinance. This material is directed to residents in Hong Kong only, and is not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person outside Hong Kong. This material is not an offer, invitation or inducement to buy or sell any investment or insurance products. This material does not constitute any prediction of likely future movements in prices of any investment products. You may not share, forward or reproduce this material for business purpose. This material was issued by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited, and has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission or any other regulatory authorities in Hong Kong.
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Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions for CCB (Asia) eye Credit Card Dining and Designated Food Delivery Platform 9% Cash Rebate Program (“Program”):
  1. The Program is only applicable to principal cardmembers of the Cards (“Cardmember(s)”, “you” or “your”) of CCB (Asia) eye Credit Card (“Eligible Card(s)”) issued by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited (the “Bank” or “we”).
  2. The promotion period of the Program is from May 25 to August 31, 2022 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”). There are 3 phases for Promotion Period as below:
    Phase 1 May 25, 2022 – June 30, 2022
    Phase 2 July 1 – 31, 2022
    Phase 3 August 1 – 31, 2022
  3. Registration must be made during the registration period below on our Website at www.asia.ccb.com/hk/eye/reg/en with entering the correct principal card information of your Eligible Credit Card. You will be given a registration reference number upon successful registration (the “Registration”). Registration must be made within the period: 11:00 on May 25, 2022 to 23:59 on August 31, 2022 (the “Registration Period”). The Program is only applicable to the first 2,500 successfully registered  Cardmember (counted by the Identification Document Number) (the “Eligible Cardmembers”) on a first-come-first-served basis. No registration will be accepted outside these periods. Time shall be of the essence and shall be in Hong Kong time in accordance with our system and record.
  4. Cardmember can participate all 3 phases by Registration within the Registration Period once.
  5. Spending by supplementary Cardmember(s) of the Eligible Card(s) during the Promotion Period will be treated as made by principal Cardmember(s) of the Card(s) for the purpose of the Program.
  6. The Program consists of “4% Basic Cash Rebate” (refer to clause 6a), “5% Extra Cash Rebate” (refer to clause 6b). Cardmembers can enjoy below offers with relevant Eligible Dining Transaction by Eligible Cards.
    1. “4% Basic Cash Rebate”: Each Eligible Cardmember can enjoy 4% Cash Rebate for Eligible Dining Transaction in Promotion Period.
    2. “5% Extra Cash Rebate”: Each eligible Cardmember can enjoy an extra 5% Cash Rebate for Eligible Dining Transaction in respective phase that the accumulated Eligible Retail Transactions amount of HK$8,000 or above.
    Each Eligible Cardmember can enjoy a maximum of HK$800 cash rebate (including 4% Cash Rebate and 5% Extra Cash Rebate) in each phase and a maximum of HK$2,400 cash rebate throughout the Promotion Period. The cash rebate amount will be rounded to the nearest integer.
  7. Eligible Dining Transaction means transactions made at dining outlets in Hong Kong with Hong Kong currency and via designated food delivery platform (including foodpanda and Deliveroo) (“Eligible Dining Transactions”). The bank will identify dining outlets in Hong Kong classified as restaurants or dining merchants by taking reference to the merchant codes issued by VISA International. Transactions made in respect of banquet services, private functions, private room events, dining outlets in hotels, department stores, associations and clubhouses, and the food and beverage services provided by the designated merchants of other spending categories are excluded. The Bank’s decision on the eligibility of a transaction shall be final and conclusive.
  8. Eligible Retail Transaction means posted local and oversea transactions during the Promotion Period (“Eligible Retail Transaction”). The following spending will not be qualified as Eligible Retail Transactions: transactions not posted on or before Jul 10, 2022 (Phase 1), Aug 10, 2022 (Phase 2) and Sep 10, 2022 (Phase 3), balance transfers, instalment loans, all interest free instalment transactions, electronic wallet top-up or fund transfer, payment for insurance policies issued by insurance companies, autopay transactions, all Octopus reloading (include AAVS and Octopus reloading via electronic wallet), purchase and/or reload of stored value cards, “Interest-free $martExpress” transactions, RentSmart transactions, fund transfer or payment via mobile apps, interest-free advance cash out program, bill payment, tax payment, fees and charges made or incurred (whether in relation to the Card account(s) or otherwise) and any transactions that have been cancelled or refunded, such other categories as we may at our sole discretion determine from time to time, or which we otherwise decide are not eligible.
  9. Overseas transaction of Eligible Retail Transaction for Visa, all transactions effected in a currency other than Hong Kong Dollars are converted from the transaction currency into Hong Kong Dollars and charged to the Card Account based on the exchange rate adopted by Visa, on the date of conversion. In addition, all transactions effected in a currency other than Hong Kong Dollars are subject to a foreign currency conversion fee (representing the charge imposed by Visa on the issuer of the Card) and an overseas transaction fee, in such amounts as set forth in the Fee Schedule.
  10. “4% Basic Cash Rebate” and “5% Extra Cash Rebate” will be posted into your Eligible Card account on or before October, 2022. Cash rebate can only be applied against the outstanding in card account statement and cannot be converted into cash, and/ or withdrawn as cash advance or transferred.
  11. The status of the Eligible Card account must remain valid and in good standing (as determined at the Bank’s discretion) throughout the Promotion Period.
  12. The Bank reserve the right to vary the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions, or to cancel the Program, at our discretion at any time without giving you prior notice.
  13. The Bank retain the final decision in any differences or disputes under the Program.
  14. In case of any inconsistency between English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.