Terms and Conditions of "Instant Travel Club" ("Program")

  1. This Programme - This Programme is only applicable to principal cardmembers of Platinum credit cards issued by China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited (“we”, “us”, “the bank”) (excluding CCB (Asia) Hong Kong Airlines Fly Away Credit Card, Home+ Credit Card, any UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card and Business Card) (“cardmember(s)”, “you”) (“Eligible Credit Card(s)”).
  2. Registration - Cardmembers are required to register through the “Instant Travel Club” Registration Hotline at 317 95508, Online Banking or fill in the enrollment form. Cardmembers (“Eligible Cardmembers”) will receive a Registration Confirmation Letter sent to your correspondence address within 2 weeks after successful registration. If a Cardmember has more than one Eligible Credit Card, successful registration with one of his/her Eligible Credit Cards will automatically be applied to all other Eligible Credit Cards under his/her name.
  3. Membership - All privileges under this Programme will be effective on the second working day after your successful registration until you call or write to us to cancel the registration of this Programme. For new card cardmembers who submit the registration together with the card application, all privileges under this Programme will be effective on the first day of the following month after your credit card account is opened. The effective date as indicated on the Registration Confirmation Letter (“Instant Travel Club Membership Effective Date”) shall be final. If you apply for another Eligible Credit Card after successful registration of this Programme, the registration will be automatically applied to the new Eligible Credit Card and the privileges will be effective on the card issue date.
  4. Privileges - Eligible Cardmembers who successfully enrolled this Program can enjoy the below listed privileges.

    "Extra Bonus Points"

    1. Bonus Point Rewards - From your Instant Travel Club Membership Effective Date, eligible transaction will receive 3 times bonus point rewards (3 times bonus point rewards has included the basic bonus points given under Bonus Points Reward Programme) ("Bonus Point Rewards"). Please refer to terms and conditions of Bonus Points Reward Programme for details of Bonus Point Rewards Account (“Bonus Points Rewards Account”).
    2. Eligible Transaction - All local travel related transactions (include transactions at travel agencies and airline companies) and overseas retail transactions conducted with Eligible Credit Cards in currency other than Hong Kong Dollar can enjoy Bonus Point Rewards as described under (i) above. Only posted transactions will be counted as eligible. Eligible Cardmember can receive a maximum of 150,000 extra bonus points (excluding the basic bonus points) per Eligible Credit Card per calendar year under the Bonus Points Rewards. Un-posted, cancelled or refunded transactions and transactions that are found fraudulent will be counted as ineligible transactions. For any cancelled/refunded transactions, the Bank has the right to and will be entitled to debit or charge back any bonus point so granted to the Eligible Cardmember from the Bonus Points Rewards Account without prior notice.
    3. Account Status - Bonus Point Rewards (including the basic bonus points given under Bonus Points Reward Programme) will be credited to the Bonus Points Rewards Account of Eligible Cardmember who have successfully registered the Programme directly on second working day after the transaction is posted. The Bonus Points Rewards Account should be valid and in good standing (as determined at the Bank discretion) at the time when the bonus point rewards is given.

    "0% Travel Installment" ("Installment Plan")

    1. Eligible Transactions - Cardmember may apply for 6 months installment plans for any local travel related transactions (include transactions at travel agencies and airline companies) and overseas retail transactions in currency other than Hong Kong Dollar. Installment can only be applied after the monthly statement is generated for the transactions. The minimum transaction amount applicable for Installment Plan should be HK$1,000.
    2. Application - Cardmembers shall call CCB (Asia) Platinum Card 24-hour Customer Service Hotline 317 95588 and apply this Installment Plan according to application dates as follows:

      Earliest date of application

      1st working day after the relevant statement is generated

      Latest date of application

      4 working days (excluding Saturdays) immediately before the Payment Due Date specified in the Statement of Account where the relevant eligible retail transaction appears

    3. Installment Amount - The maximum total installment amount (which shall include the principal) per Cardmember at any time shall be the available credit limit of a Card Account at the time of Installment Plan approval. If this maximum is exceeded, we may at our discretion process the Installment Plan application and approve the installment amount up to that maximum amount. If this happens, related overlimit fee will be charged referring to our Fee Schedule. The Installment Plan application cannot be changed or cancelled upon process.
    4. Repayment Period - The first monthly installment amount shall be posted to the Eligible Credit Card Account on the statement date of the next statement after successful application, and the remaining balance will be posted to the Eligible Credit Card Account by 5 monthly equal installments on the following consecutive months and shown in the monthly statements.
    5. Approval is conditional - Application approval shall be subject to our checking of the account status and available credit limit of the Account. We shall have all rights in approving or rejecting any Installment Plan application, deciding any total installment amount, monthly installment amount, and the deadline for submitting any Installment Plan application without having to provide a reason for any decision. Rejections will normally be notified by letter.

    "Advance Mileage Redemption"

    1. Redemption Period - Eligible Cardmembers can apply to advance redeem mileage within May 1 - December 31 each year.
    2. Redemption - “Advance Mileage Redemption” is only applicable for Asia Miles redemption and the Terms and Conditions of “Asia Miles Redemption” apply. Any redemption request is irrevocable and may not be changed or withdrawn once submitted to us. Bonus points / advanced bonus points from Advance Mileage Redemption (if applicable) required for redemption will be deducted from the Bonus Points Rewards Account automatically. Bonus points deducted for redemption will not be returned.
    3. Advanced Bonus Points - Besides bonus points earned under the Bonus Points Rewards Account, Cardmembers can redeem Asia Miles with advanced bonus points earned from Advance Mileage Redemption. The maximum bonus points can be advanced is 150,000 per eligible cardmember within each calendar year. The advanced bonus points are not transferable.
    4. Bonus Point Category - Only bonus point earned from the Bonus Points Reward Programme and advanced bonus points from Advance Mileage Redemption can be used for the purpose of Advance Mileage Redemption.
    5. Advanced Bonus Points Repayment Period - Any advanced bonus points must be fully repaid on or before April 30 in the next year after redemption or upon cancellation/termination of Bonus Points Rewards Account (disregard of cancellation reason) (“Bonus Point Repayment Period”), whichever is earlier. If Cardmembers cannot repay the advanced bonus points within Bonus Points Repayment Period, the outstanding advanced bonus points will be charged within 1 month after the expiry of Bonus Points Repayment Period or upon cancellation/termination of Bonus Point Reward Account (whichever is earlier) from the Eligible Credit Card Account at HKD1.2 per 100 advanced bonus points (outstanding balance less than 100 advanced bonus points will be rounded as 100 advanced bonus points) without prior notice.
  5. Account Status - Cardmember’s eligibility for the Programme is subject to the Bank checking on Eligible Credit Card Account status and the Eligible Credit Card Account(s) should be valid and in good standing (as determined at the Bank discretion).
  6. Right to vary - We reserve the right to vary the Program and/or these Terms and Conditions, or to replace, cancel or withdraw the Program, at our discretion at any time without giving you prior notice.
  7. Final decision - We retain the final decision in any differences or disputes under the Program, and shall not be responsible or liable for any claims or liability resulting from any Cardmember's participation in the Program howsoever suffered or incurred.
  8. English version prevails - In case of any inconsistency between English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.