Golfer’s Protector

Every protection a golfer needs
to truly enjoy the game

Protect yourself against personal accidents, personal liabilities, loss of your golfing equipment and personal effects and more with Golfer's Protector, comprehensive insurance coverage tailor-made for golfing aficionados like you.

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Concentrate on your game - let our extensive coverage takes care of the rest

  • Personal Accident
  • Personal Liability
  • Golfing Equipment
  • Personal Effects
  • Hole in One Drinking Expense
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Coverage Maximum Benefit (HKD)
1. Personal Accident
Receive a lump sum cash compensation in the event of accidental death or permanent disablement occurred while playing or practicing on any recognized golf club or driving range.
2. Personal Liability
Your plan pays for legal liability to another person for accidental or injury or damage to property while playing or practicing on any recognized golf course or driving range. (This is subject to an excess of HK$1,000 for each and every claim to third party property damage.)
3. Golfing Equipment
Be compensated for loss of or damage to golfing equipment that occurred while playing golf at or in transit to or from any recognized golf club or driving range. (This is subject to an excess of HK$200 for each and every claim.)
20,000 / 3,000 per article
4. Personal Effects
Be compensated for loss of or damage to personal effects that occurred while playing or practicing on any recognized golf club or driving range. (This is subject to an excess of HK$200 for each and every claim.)
5,000 / 3,000 per article
5. Hole in One
Get reimbursement of up to HK$5,000 for bar or drink expenses following your achievement of a “Hole in One” at any recognized golf club.
5,000 per event

General Exclusions

  1. Any consequence of war, terrorism, asbestos, riot, Internet operations, civil commotion, nuclear fission or fusion and radioactive contamination.
  2. Any prohibition or regulations by any government, any illegal or unlawful acts by you or confiscation, detention, destruction by customs or other authorities.
  3. The Insured being in any violation of the laws or resistance to arrest.
  4. The Insured engaging in naval, military or air force service, or in any form of manual employment, flying as a crew member or pilot.
  5. Motorcycling, big game hunting, riding or driving in any kind of race, professional sports, aerial sports, being airborne (whether suspended or not), mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, trekking, hitchhiking and backpacking.
  6. Alcoholism or drug abuse.
  7. Mental and nervous disorders, venereal disease, AIDS, or AIDS-related complex (ARC).
  8. Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self injury.
  9. Pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage and all complications thereof.
  10. Pre-existing medical conditions.

The above is not a contract of insurance and is intended only as a general summary of the terms of insurance. The specific details, terms and conditions applicable to this insurance are set out in the Golfer's Protector Insurance Policy to be issued by QBE Hongkong & Shanghai Insurance Ltd.

  • Annual Premium

  • HK$ 575 (per person)

  • Age Limit

  • Aged between 18 and 70

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