Home Contents Insurance

Protect your home from the unexpected with a comprehensive "All Risks" plan

Your home is your castle, and keeping it safe is your highest priority. Home Contents Insurance plan provides you “All Risks” protection that can help safeguard your home against major accidents and burglary, with free worldwide protection for your personal belongings. It also offers the additional protection of personal liability coverage for you and your family members.

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15-day free trial

To ensure that you will be totally satisfied with our service, the Home Contents Insurance plan offers you a 15-day free trial period. During this time, you can cancel the policy if you're dissatisfied with any of the features and we will refund the full amount of your premium. Try this risk-free arrangement now!

Apply online for a Home Contents Insurance policy and receive an additional 20% premium discount.

Free 24-Hour home emergency assistance service

Our 24-hour home emergency assistance hotline provides you with free referral services including:

  • Electrical, plumbing or locksmithing services
  • Baby sitting
  • House calls / dental referrals
  • Home cleaning / Pest control services


Coverage Items Maximum Benefit (HKD)
Home Contents All Risks Plan 1 Plan 2
"All Risks" cover against accidental loss of or damage to home contents 500,000
(per loss)
(per loss)
Valuables 150,000
($10,000 per item)
($20,000 per item)
Fragile Items 5,000 5,000
Other Home Contents 75,000
(per item)
(per item)
Free Extensions
1. Alternative Accommodation
Rental costs incurred for temporary accommodation while your home is uninhabitable due to an insured accident
($1,000 per day)
($2,000 per day)
2. Domestic Helper's Properties
Accidental loss of or damage to your domestic helper's personal effects at home
($500 per item)
($500 per item)
3. Personal Accident
Fatal accident to you or your family member due to fire or burglary at home
($100,000 per person)
($100,000 per person)
4. Burglary Injury Allowance
Medical expenses incurred by you or your family member due to fire or burglary at home
15,000 15,000
5. Burial & Funeral Expenses
Burial and funeral expenses incurred as a result of death of you or your family member due to fire or burglary at home
20,000 20,000
6. Damaged Locks / Windows
Cost of replacing damaged windows, door locks and keys due to theft or burglary at home
3,000 3,500
7. Loss of Personal Effects at Workplace
Accidental loss of or damage to your personal effects at your workplace
1,000 2,500
8. Frozen Food
Indemnify costs of the spoilt food due to breakdown of freezer or power supply failure
5,000 5,000
9. Contents Temporarily Removal (max. 60 days)
Accidental loss of or damage to your home contents during maintenance at other premises
25,000 50,000
10. Loss of Money and Unauthorized Use of Credit Card at home
Loss of money and unauthorized use of credit card due to theft or burglary at your home
($3,000 per loss)
($3,000 per loss)
11. Interior Decoration (max. 60 days)
Loss of or damage to your home contents during home decoration or refurbishment
($10,000 per item)
($10,000 per item)
12. Contents in Transit
Accidental loss of or damage to your home contents during home removal by professional removers
(per loss)
(per loss)
13. Removal of Debris
Cost of removing debris while your home is accidentally damaged
100,000 100,000
14. Festive Seasonal Increase
Automatically increased by 50% of your home contents sum insured during Christmas and Chinese New Year
250,000 500,000
15. Temporary Storage of Furniture
Accidental loss of or damage to your home contents stored in professional remover's premises during your home removal or cost of storing furniture while your home is uninhabitable due to an insured accident
50,000 100,000
16. Moving Home (max. 60 days)
Accidental loss of or damage to your home contents at the new home during home removal
Other Home Contents
(per loss)
(per loss)
(per loss)
(per loss)
Valuable Worldwide All Risks
"All Risks" cover against accidental loss of or damage to personal effects anywhere in the world 15,000
($5,000 per item)
($10,000 per item)
Free Extensions
1. Personal Documents Protection
Cost of replacing personal documents such as passports or identity cards due to theft or burglary
1,500 3,000
2. Money Protection
Loss of Money due to theft or burglary
2,500 3,500
3. Credit Card Protection
Unauthorized use of credit card due to theft or burglary
1,500 3,000
4. Goods in Transit
Loss of or damage to your newly purchased personal effects being in transit to home
1,000 2,000
Occupier's and Personal Liability
1. Personal liability for third party bodily injury and/or property damage as a result of you or your family members' negligence 10,000,000 10,000,000
2. We will also cover your liability as an owner of your home provided you occupy it
* Excess
Applicable to Home Contents All Risks and Valuable Worldwide All Risks
  • the first HK$250 of each and every claim
  • the first HK$3,000 or 10% of loss, whichever is the greater in respect of water damage claim for improvements to fixtures and interior decoration or Extensions 11 (Interior Decoration) under Home Contents All Risks

The above is not a contract of insurance and is intended only as a general summary of the terms of insurance. The specific details, terms and conditions applicable to this insurance are set out in the Home Contents Insurance Policy to be issued by QBE Hongkong & Shanghai Insurance Limited.


Take an additional 20% off if you apply online.

Saleable Floor Area (sq. feet) Gross Floor Area (sq. feet) Annual Premium (HKD)
Plan 1 Plan 2
Less than 375 Less than 500 780 1,112
375 - 450 501 - 600 933 1,174
451 - 525 601 - 700 1,028 1,219
526 - 600 701 - 800 1,135 1,312
601 - 675 801 - 900 1,226 1,417
676 - 750 901 - 1,000 1,322 1,511
751 - 825 1,001 - 1,100 1,415 1,629
826 - 900 1,101 - 1,200 1,506 1,715
901 - 975 1,201 - 1,300 1,597 1,774
976 - 1,050 1,301 - 1,400 1,691 1,835
1,051 - 1,125 1,401 - 1,500 1,786 1,907
1,126 - 1,500 1,501 - 2,000 2,371 2,581
1,501 - 1,875 2,001 - 2,500 2,581 2,988
1,876 - 2,250 2,501 - 3,000 3,087 3,396
2,251 or above 3,001 or above negotiable negotiable

*For gross floor area above 3,000 square feet, please contact Bank By Phone at 2903 8388.

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The above premium is not inclusive of IA levy.

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