Medical Insurance

Care for your health with comprehensive medical coverage

Being hospitalized can be damaging financially, as well as physically. You can minimize such costs by taking out medical coverage that will reduce your hospital and surgical expenses. Medical Insurance Plan offers generous coverage and low premiums for a range of medical issues, giving you the assurance you need to keep your health’s best interests at heart.

Extensive coverage including

  • Hospital benefits
  • Major illness benefits
  • Outpatient benefits
  • Hospital cash benefits

Other protection & benefits

  • Free eye care and physical checkups:
    To give you greater protection, enjoy free eye care and physical checkups upon successful enrolment in both "Basic Hospitalization Benefits" and "Outpatient Benefits" for the first year. You can also enjoy a free eyecare check-up if you only enrolled in "Basic Hospitalization Benefits".
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance:
    While you are overseas, a 24-hour hotline connected directly to the International SOS Alarm Center will give you free emergency assistance on evacuation, repatriation, hospital referrals, and much more. In addition, we also provide deposit-free admission to designated hospitals in China.
  • Save on premiums & get premium guarantees:
    If you enroll with your spouse or children, you will all enjoy a 5% discount on the premium. The premium is guaranteed for 5 years and will only be adjusted every 5 years, based on attained age.
  • Free 15-day policy review period:
    You will have plenty of time to review your policy. If you have not obtained any medical treatment and would like to cancel the policy, simply send us a written request for cancellation within 15 days from the policy issue date or the commencement date. All premiums will be refunded.

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