Fully Integrated Insurance Solutions

Enjoy up to 40% discount on
First Year Premium at Policy Inception

At different stages of your life, your needs may vary. At CCB (Asia), we provide a range of integrated insurance solutions to help safeguard you and your loved ones, and achieve the wealth accumulation goals.

Saving & Life Protection Saving & Life Protection
With our comprehensive protection options, you are assured of greater peace of mind against life’s unexpected uncertainties.
Medical & Critical Illness Protection Medical & Critical Illness Protection
All-round medical protection for you and your family, to help alleviate rising medical costs, should a medical emergency or other unexpected health situation occur.
Retirement & Legacy Planning Retirement & Legacy Planning
Capitalize on the opportunities and help you accumulate wealth which can be passed on to your loved ones.


From now till March 31, 2021, you can

enjoy up to 40% discount on First Year Premium at Policy Inception

Simply visit your nearest branch and talk with our dedicated Insurance Professional, to help you find the best insurance solutions for your different needs.

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Terms & Conditions
  1. The promotion period of the premium discount offer as stipulated above (“Offer”) is between 1 January, 2021 to 31 March, 2021 (both dates inclusive) (“Promotion Period”).
  2. This Offer is only applicable to the customers who successfully applied Dedicated Insurance Plan in designated payment mode through China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited (“CCB (Asia)”).
  3. All matters and disputes related to this Offer will be subjected to the final decision of CCB (Asia) and/or the insurance company(ies) which reserve the right to amend relevant terms and conditions without prior notice.
  4. Applicant must sign and submit the Insurance application form together with full payment of the net premium and insurance levy (levy is calculated on the premium before discount) within the Promotion Period.
  5. The eligible customers are only required to pay the net premium payment (i.e. after deducting the premium discount) and insurance levy (levy is calculated on the premium before discount).
  6. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
  7. If the customer cancelled the policy during the cooling off period or the application is not accepted, only the net premium and insurance levy paid will be refunded.
  8. For specific inquiry about details, terms and conditions applicable to insurance products, please refer to the respective insurance policies issued by the relevant insurance company(ies).

Risk Disclosure
Please note that all investment involves risk. You should not purchase any insurance plan unless you understand the associated risks and you are willing to accept those risks. China Construction Bank (Asia) is an insurance agent authorized by AIA International Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability) and FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (Incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability). This webpage is not a contract of insurance and is for reference only. The specific details, terms and conditions applicable to all insurance plan are set out in respective Insurance Policies to be issued by different insurance companies. You should not apply for any of the insurance policies based on the above information alone. You should read the individual policy details and terms and conditions to assure it meets your personal needs.

Important Notes
Customers should read and understand the details of the insurance plan(s) (including but not limited to exact terms, conditions, coverage and exclusions) before any enrollment to assure the insurance products meet their personal needs. Specific details, terms and conditions applicable to insurance products are set out in respective insurance policies to be issued by the relevant insurance companies. Policyholders are subject to the credit and insolvency risk of the insurer. An insurance plan may comprise a savings element. Part of the premium pays for the insurance and related costs. If a customer is not happy with the customer's policy, the customer has a right to cancel it within the cooling off period and obtain a refund of any premiums paid. A written notice signed by the customer should be received by the insurer's Hong Kong Main Office within the cooling off period (that is, 21 days after the delivery of the policy or issue of a notice (informing the customer or the customer's representative about the availability of the policy and expiry date of the cooling off period), whichever is the earlier). After the expiration of the cooling off period, if the customer cancels the policy before the end of the term, the projected total cash value may be less than the total premium the customer has paid.

Additional Disclosures
(1) China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited (the “Bank”) is an authorized distributor / an agent of the relevant product issuer and the concerned product is a product of such product issuer but not the Bank (Not applicable to products issued by the Bank); and
(2) In respect of an eligible dispute (as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme) arising between the Bank and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, the Bank is required to enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any dispute over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved directly between the product issuer and the customer.