Property Owner’s Liability Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage to
Protect Property Owners

Property Owner’s Liability Insurance protects you in cases where you may be held legally liable for injuries, death and/or property damage to third parties happening in or arising from the insured premises.

  • Features
  • Coverage
  • Extensive Coverage to Protect You as a Property Owner

  • Damage to neighbour’s property resulting from insured’s negligent and held liable under the laws

  • Household items fallen off windows causing third party bodily injury, death or property damage

  • Incorporated owner’s liability not properly or sufficiently insured for, rendering individual property owners liable for the shortfall in compensation to the plaintiffs

  • Injury to visitors occurring within the insured premises

  • Applicable to Various Types of Buildings

  • Suitable for various types of structures, including residential, commercial and industrial buildings

  • Cover properties up to 40 years old

  • Up to HK$10 Million of Protection

  • Customize your coverage to meet your needs with an optional indemnity limit of HK$5 million or HK$10 million for any one event (with unlimited occurrences during the period of insurance)

  • Your coverage includes legal costs and any expenses incurred

  • Expand your Coverage

  • For renovation taking less than 30 days and costing less than HK$50,000 for FREE, contingent liability will protect you for up to HK$1 million at no additional cost

  • Contingent liability coverage can be customized to suit your needs at a preferential rate

Policy Coverage

Residential Building Commercial Building Industrial Building
Limit of Liability (HKD) Annual Premium (HKD)
1. HK$5,000,000 for any One Accident and the Aggregate Limited of indemnity for Any One Period is Unlimited. 500 600 1,000
2. HK$10,000,000 for any One Accident and the Aggregate Limit of indemnity for Any One Period is Unlimited. 850 1,000 1,700
3. Others, Please specified: Premium TBA

Major Exclusions

  • 1. Libel, slander, defamation, infidelity behaviour, deception, criminal and/or illegal acts, etc.
  • 2. Act of terrorism
  • 3. Claim occurred prior to policy inception
  • 4. Loss within policy excesses
  • 5. Liability arising from contamination, pollution, asbestos, etc.
  • (For details, please refer to the policy)

Excesses Applicable

For private residential buildings:
1. The first HK$1,500 or 10% of the adjusted loss (whichever is the greater) in respect of each and every loss to third party property caused by water
2. The first HK$500 in respect of each and every loss to third party property caused by other occurrence

For commercial building/industrial buildings:
1. The first HK$3,000 or 10% of the adjusted loss (whichever is the greater) in respect of each and every loss to third party property caused by water
2. The first HK$1,000 in respect of each and every loss to third party property caused by other occurrence

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