Quarterly Investment Market Outlook (2022 Q3)

  • ·Macro Economy:

    Central banks around the world are carrying out quantitative tightening to deal with inflation, and is the main risk to the slowdown in global economic growth; A decrease in U.S. consumer expenditures indicates that economic momentum in the latter half of the year will be weaker; Rising global food and energy prices have caused high inflation, triggering fears of economic recession

    Note: Please refer to corresponding Risk Disclosure statements.

  • ·Asset Allocation:

    U.S. Stock Market - basic economic factors remain strong and risk factors are not yet fully reflected; Asian Stock Market - China’s economy has hopes of recovery and nudge other Asian markets into motion; The valuation of investment-grade bonds is lucrative and investors can select high-quality loans


Wealth Insights (Jun 2022)

  • · Investment Focus:

    Investors in the global markets should pay attention to monetary policies around the world; the Beige Book of the U.S. Federal Reserve indicates that actions to curb demands have started to take effect; Hong Kong stock market is expected to see an upward valuation adjustment, yet volatility still remains relatively high

    Note: Please refer to corresponding Risk Disclosure statements.

  • · FX Market:

    The Bank of Canada remains hawkish, Canadian dollar may continue to be strong; the Reserve Bank of Australian interest rate hike in June higher than expected, inflation is expected to fall next year; Renminbi has regained some lost ground, economic stabilization measures help stabilize the exchange rates

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