Value-Added Mortgage

Save on interest by linking up
your mortgage and checking account

Value-Added Mortgage helps put you ahead with a preferential mortgage loan interest rate, a high account interest with a rate equivalent to that of the mortgage loan, and the flexibility of fund deposit or withdrawal. While it helps to save on interest, owning your dream home is within reach.

Key Facts Statement (KFS)
  • Enjoy an interest rate the same as your mortgage-rate

  • With Value-Added Mortgage, your checking account is linked to your mortgage account

  • Enjoy a preferential account rate equivalent to that of the mortgage loan

  • Interest will be accrued daily based on the account balance*

  • Apply up to 50% of the outstanding principal amount of the mortgage loan

  • Save on interest

  • When your finances allow:

  • You may deposit money to your mortgage-linked checking account, earning high deposit interest to offset interest expenses in your Value-Added Mortgage

  • At times when you need cash:

  • You can withdraw up to 100% of your deposit from the mortgage-linked checking account with no handling fee

  • Other Privileges

  • Waiver of the Low Balance Account Monthly Maintenance Fee and ATM annual fee on the mortgage-linked checking account during the mortgage period

  • Notes:
    Customer should open a checking account with the bank and use the account for mortgage repayment.

  • * Accrued interest will be credited to the Account monthly or at such other intervals as we may, in our absolute discretion, determine from time to time.

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