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Key Facts Statement (KFS) for Revolving Credit Facility

Apply for e-Loan through CCB (HK&MO) Mobile App anytime, no income and address proof required1.

e-Loan Application process by CCB (HK&MO) Mobile App

step1 After read and understand related terms and conditions, and proceed HKID capture verification

Tips for capturing HKID card:

  1. Not applicable to Smart ID Card
  2. Avoid choosing a background with similar colour of the HKID and dim lighting
  3. Ensure the image is clear
step2 And then proceed to selfie for identity verification

Tips for taking a selfie:

  1. Remove accessories which may cover your face
  2. Avoid unnecessary facial expression
  3. Follow the instructions for random movements
step3 After selfie verification, fill in personal information and complete the application accordingly


1. The processing time of each application and approval may vary, the Bank reserves the right to request applications to submit supporting documents. And the Bank has the absolute discretion to approve or reject the application without giving any reason.

Loan Features

  • Loan amount up to HK$2,000,000 or 12 times of your monthly salary, whichever is lower

  • The Maximum loan amount of HK$15,000 is only applicable to customer without providing supporting documents but fulfill specific credit requirements. Larger loan amounts maybe offered to customer who provide further supporting documents

  • Validity of credit limit is 12 months, it is required to repay the interest and the entire principal amount in full upon the maturity

  • Make withdraws and repayments through online and mobile banking within the credit limit validity

  • Monthly e-statement list out account details clearly

  • Only repay the interest due, applicable fees and charges every month, interest is calculated on daily basis upon your outstanding balance

  • Credit limit will be automatically restored upon repayment within the period of validity

  • Use China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited HKD checking / savings account for loan down and repayment in mobile banking more conveniently

How To Apply

How To Apply

New Customer
Existing Customer
Go to “Loan” channel, press “e-Loan”
Step 1
and then press “New Customer Application”
Step 2
Please review and understand the “Key Fact Statement” and “Terms and Conditions” carefully before submitting the application
Step 3
HKID Card Verification (Capture HKID card)

1. Place the HKID card on a clean, flat surface and make sure there is sufficient lighting.
2. Adjust the phone camera until the green bubble is centered at the HKID card.
3. Image of the HKID card will be taken twice: one without flash, one with flash.

Step 4
Take a Selfie

Place your phone at eye-level to ensure your face is within the circle with sufficient space around, then follow the random instructions for taking selfie.

Step 5
Please fill in the application form
Step 6
Step 7
Press “Confirm and Submit”

Your application is submitted. You will be notified when the loan is approved. When you have accepted the loan, the loan amount will directly disburse to your designated account.

Step 7

Application Requirements

  • A Hong Kong permanent resident aged 18 or above

  • Minimum annual income of HK$64,000

  • Be employed for at least 6 months at the current job

Document Requirement

  • To apply for our Revolving Credit Facility, please submit the following documents:
  • A copy of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card

  • Proof of income

    • The latest month's salary slip

    • The latest 3 months' payroll account bank statement / account passbook (with the first page showing your name and account number)

    • The latest Salary Tax / Profit Tax Demand Note

    • The latest 1 month’s Mandatory Provident Fund statement

  • The current residential proof dated within the last 3 months

  • Any other document (upon request)

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For more tips and information, you may refer to our Key Facts Statement (KFS) for Revolving Credit Facility or Financial Tips of this website.

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

Warm reminders:

  1. In order to minimize the risk when banking on-line, the Mobile App will not run on any devices which are "jailbroken" (iOS) or "rooted" (Android). The Bank shall not be responsible for any problems or loss suffered by you if you attempt to use the Mobile App on such devices.
  2. To use e-Loan Service, please ensure your mobile device operation system meets the minimum requirements, for further details, please visit Requirements of Mobile Operating System; and is equipped with front and back cameras for identity verification.