Fraudulent Website

Beware of fraudulent website and emails which may ask for your information

What Fraudsters will do?

Fraudsters may send spoof emails pretending to be from China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited. Most of these emails appear to come from the true source of the bank.

Recipients of these emails will be requested to input their personal information such as their username, password, credit card number, etc through these emails.

Fraudsters through these emails may instruct the reader to visit the fraudulent websites via hyperlinks/ QR code embedded in these emails and request users to input their personal and account information.

Please be reminded that the bank will NEVER ask customers to provide confidential data via emails, so do not respond to any suspicious emails that request for such information or click on an embedded hyperlink/ QR code contained therein.You should delete them straight away. Please contact us at (852) 277 95533 if you have any enquiries.

How to prevent?

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  • Make sure you are connected to the bank's official website at before login or keying in any confidential data
  • Do not access the website directly through hyperlinks/ QR code embedded in emails, internet search engines or suspicious pop-up windows. You should type  directly on the browser's address bar or access via a bookmark

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  • Verify the server certificate of our website (the locked padlock symbol at the upper left hand corner of the browser)
  • Check the certificate information to ensure the certificate is issued to or and the certificate is still within a valid date.

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  • Update your personal firewalls, anti-virus and/or anti-spyware software programs on your computers, mobile phones and tablets, and change your login password regularly