Other Preventive Actions

Useful security tips to help you enjoy online banking

Access Online Banking Services safely

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  • Avoid accessing Online Banking Services via public/shared computers, mobile devices or Wi-Fi
  • Only connect to trusted Wi-Fi networks or service providers with security protection such as WPA2
  • Check the date and time of your last visit to the Bank's Online Banking website and Applications every time after you have logged in
  • Do not leave your computer and/or mobile device unattended when you are accessing your Online Banking Services
  • Remember to logout after you have completed your online activities
  • Review the transfer limit for non-registered third party account and lower it if necessary
  • Please use the browser which supports TLS 1.2 Encryption for accessing Online Banking
  • The Bank do not affiliate with any third party aggregator mobile apps and customers should not disclose their online banking credentials to third parties
  • Do not install any unknown third party aggregator app
  • Use a reliable computer maintenance/repair service provider

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  • Customer should provide a valid mobile phone and contact number for notification purpose. If any of these numbers is changed, please notify the Bank timely
  • Never install uncertain applications provided by any third party

Be aware of message from Bank

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  • Be alert of the SMS notification sent to you after each funds transfer to non-registered account via Online Banking
  • If you have any suspicion or receive One-Time Password through SMS more than once, please contact us immediately
  • Be alert of the messages the bank sent to you and verify your transaction records
  • Not to forward SMS One-Time Password sent by the Bank to other mobile phone number
  • If you suspect anyone else has accessed your Bank’s Online Banking website and Applications or you have found any suspicious transactions, please call our Bank By Phone at +852 277 95533 or Credit Card 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline at +852 317 95533

Other related information

  • To learn more about the e-leaflet of "Major Safety Tips on Using Internet Banking Services" published by Hong Kong Monetary Authority, please click here.
  • To learn more about the publications published by The Hong Kong Association of Banks, please click here.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

  • Customers of Online Banking Service are protected against any third party fraud. You will not suffer any loss if money is withdrawn from your account without your knowledge, consent and authorization, provided that you have not acted with gross negligence, dishonestly, fraudulently or in a criminal manner, alone or with others. Any unauthorized transactions must be reported to the Bank immediately when you become aware of any actual or suspected security or fraud. The amount covered is limited to the amount illegally transferred from your account. We do not cover any other losses, including indirect, consequential or special losses, damages, expenses, legal fees or loss of opportunity. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for Electronic Banking Services.
  • Ensuring maximum online banking security is a joint effort and your cooperation is equally important. Please ensure that you observe the precautionary measures so you can benefit from our online security service to its fullest.

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