Password Protection

Take measures to
secure your passwords

Password function is the key to your Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Bank By Phone services. It is important for you to safeguard your Password and PINs. Please seriously consider the following suggestions:

How to MAKE your Password safe

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  • Use a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters for your Mobile Banking / Online Banking Password
  • Avoid using a number or name that is likely to or can easily be guessed by others, for example, children's names, pets' names, birthday or telephone numbers
  • Do not use dictionary word such as “Password”, easily recognized keypad patterns (qwerty, etc) that could be cracked by common hacking programs
  • Avoid to use the same Password for different web service accounts and systems
  • Change your Password or PINs regularly, recommended after 90 days

How to KEEP your Password safe

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  • Destroy the original printed copy of your Password or PINs
  • Never disclose your Password or PINs or any details of the Password or PINs to anyone, even if they claim to be from the bank
  • Never write down or record any Password or PINs without disguising it
  • Never store your Password on computers, mobile phones, or placed in plain sight

How to USE your Password safe

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  • Ensure that no one is watching you while you key in your Password or PINs
  • Do not leave the computer midway without logging out of the online banking service
  • Never read out your Password or PINs over the phone
  • Never include/send your Password or PINs within an email or SMS message
  • Under no circumstance, staff of CCBA never ask for your Password, User name

Protect your Personal Digital Keys; Beware of Fraudulent Links!
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