RMB Accounts

Capture the potentials of Renminbi to enhance your portfolio

Opening an RMB Deposit Account is a snap - for individual customers, simply show your valid identity proof to begin riding on the potential appreciation of Renminbi. Corporate customers may open the same Renminbi account types for investment purpose or easy handling of business expenses.

Time Deposit - Wise choice for your RMB wealth growth

  • High interest rate for great return

  • Minimum deposit starts at RMB10,000

  • Flexible choice of deposit period from 1 day to 12 months

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Savings Account - Simple ways to save in RMB for better wealth

  • Open an account with just RMB1,000

  • Simple interest accrued daily and paid monthly

  • Choice of passbook or monthly statement for transaction records

  • With the CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Debit Card, you can withdraw RMB via CCB ATM throughout China without any service charge

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Checking Account - Free of charge for easy expense management

  • Free to issue RMB checks in Hong Kong

  • Checks issued in Guangdong Province (including Shenzhen) have to be for payment of consumer expenses and should not exceed the aggregate amount of RMB 80,000 per account per day *

  • Service is free of charge

  • Minimum deposit of only RMB1,000 for account opening
    *Applicable to Hong Kong Identity Card holders only

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Other RMB Services

  • Cashier's Order

  • Autopay

RMB Currency Risk
RMB is subject to the PRC government's control (for example, exchange restrictions). Besides, there is no guarantee that RMB will not depreciate. If customers convert Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency into RMB so as to invest in RMB denominated investment products and subsequently convert the RMB redemption proceeds back into Hong Kong Dollar or any other currency, you may suffer a loss if RMB depreciates against Hong Kong Dollar or other currency.

RMB notes deposit services are applicable to notes of RMB10 denomination or above only.