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China Construction Bank (Asia) loan in Hong Kong

We all have goals and expectations to be achieved in different stages of life, like having a wonderful vacation, buying a car, getting married and having children, etc. However, the soaring living costs make it increasingly difficult to cover all the expenses merely by monthly salary and personal savings. If this is not your case, you might end up procrastinating lots of decisions just because of being tight-fisted. There are plenty of ways to make quick extra cash with a low cost. Take advantage of the sound and sophisticated bank system and seize the chance of getting bank loans in Hong Kong with low interest rate to fulfill all your upcoming goals.

The China Construction Bank (Asia) offers you with trustworthy bank loan in Hong Kong. The available personal loans range from HK$5,000 to HK$1,200,000, serving as a solution of needs for cash and improving liquidity. With the timely borrowing, you are positioned to enjoy greater flexibility in making future plans!

Obtaining bank loan in Hong Kong is a common and reliable way of borrowing, it also guarantees prompt and easy application. Like all other bank loans in Hong Kong, the unsecured personal loan offered by CCBA (Asia) can be used for multiple purposes. With the credit as high as HK$1,200,000, whether you’re planning for settling the down payment of an apartment, buying a new car or tying the knot, the bank loan of CCBA (Asia) is the right choice for you. The amount of the bank loan and the interest rate to be paid are subject to your personal circumstances. However, the interest rate of personal loan is much lower than that of the overdue credit card loan and it comes with a credit period up to 60 months. With a borrowing of HK$800,000, for instance, the monthly flat rate offered by the bank can be as low as 0.18% while the minimum annualized percentage rate (APR) can be 3.32%. At the same time, borrowing from CCBA (Asia) does not incur any service charge. On top of the discounted interest rate, a wide range of exclusive privileges are also available to the new clients. Clients can enjoy up to HK$3,000 cash rebate for loan drawdown. If designated banking services are signed up at the same time, another HK$500 cash rebate can be redeemed as well.

The application process of CCBA (Asia)’s bank loan is easy and prompt. An application hotline and the online platform simplify the traditional tedious procedure, allowing you to submit application and related information without ever visiting the bank. The loan centre manager would then make contact with clients and update them about the application status. Moreover, from now till 31 March, 2018, applying online allow you to earn up to HK$500 supermarket cash coupon. Enjoy a stress-free application now with CCBA (Asia)!

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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