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Cash Loans/Personal loans (p loan) Offered by the China Construction Bank (Asia)

Getting your first house, buying a new car, setting up an education fund for your children are all the reasons for getting extra money. As these might not be affordable with your everyday savings, you might consider looking for alternative options to obtain the cash needed. Cash loans are nothing new to the market. With personal loans (p loan) being a popular option, cash loans boost liquidity and help borrower to tide over in an emergency or special occasions.

Before borrowing from a lender, it is important to understand the conditions and one’s ability to keep up with repayments. P loan can be a form of unsecured loans requiring no collaterals and thus can be relatively easy to obtain with a sound personal credit rating. Lenders nowadays have set up multiple channels for borrowers to apply for loans. The traditional way of form filling in person is gradually fading, replaced by phone call which is much faster and easier. Also, the development of secured online application platform has allowed borrowers to submit application unhindered by time or space.

Cash loans obtained from banks with established reputation are relatively more reliable and trustworthy. They can serve the use of raising a company’s working capital or funds for personal use. Take the p loan offered by the China Construction Bank (Asia) as an example, it provides cash loans from HK$5,000 to HK$1,200,000 with a credit period of 12-60 months. The money obtained are to be repaid over the designated period with regular monthly instalments including part of the principal and the interests. With the huge sum of money and the long credit period, borrowers can fulfill their plans without financial fetters. On the other hand, to ensure one’s repaying ability and have a full picture of the p loan, it is always a must to know about the interest rate and the possible cost of borrowing.

The interest rate of p loan is generally better than other kinds of debts such as credit card loans or bank overdrafts. Such debts might incur high interest rates which multiply with the length of overdue period, resulting in unaffordable repayments. In terms of borrowing cost, the China Construction Bank (Asia) offers a monthly flat rate of 0.18% with the corresponding annualized percentage rate of 3.32% for the p loan. The bank has also launched promotional offers on the cash loans. Borrowers are entitled with cash rebates up to HK$3,500 and cash coupons of HK$500 if certain kinds of services are used. On top of the exclusive privileges, the bank has also waived the handling fee. Thus, borrowers can spend further less on the loans. Simply apply online now to maximise the benefits of low interests and enjoy greater cash flow today!

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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