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Looking for Loan Calculator and Personal Loan? Check Out CCB (Asia)’s Special Offers Now

Make use of personal loan and loan calculator to repay all outstanding credit card debts and get some extra cash at the same time! Personal instalment loan has become increasingly popular in recent years. Being widely considered as a resolution for urgent cash need, personal instalment loan helps borrowers to tide over pressing financial needs. The unsecured personal loan does not require any guarantor or collateral, rendering it one of the easiest loans to be applied for. Whether you need money for investments, apartment down payment, wedding banquets or buying new cars, it can surely provide you with the cash that is required. If you wonder about the amount of monthly repayment, provide us with information such as loan amount, loan terms and the interest rate, our loan calculator will give you repayment details under a personal instalment loan agreement. In order to facilitate your financial decision making, the China Construction Bank (Asia) provides a number of loan calculators online, including personal loan, mortgage, auto loan and car park loan.

Being a financial bank with long history in Hong Kong, the China Construction Bank (Asia) has proved to be a trustworthy and professional partner to manage your wealth. Our personal instalment loan has long been trusted by many clients, providing cash in time to backup your spending. Use the loan calculator offered online to estimate your monthly payment. It provides instant calculation after receiving information such as loan amount, number of repayment terms and the annual interest rate. Under the scheme of personal loan offered by us, borrowers can enjoy low cost loan with monthly flat rate as low as 0.18% and annualized percentage rate of 3.32%. Borrowing from the China Construction Bank (Asia) involves no handling fee. Clients who meet specific criteria are entitled with special privileges of cash rebates, including HK$3,000 cash rebates after loan drawdown and a further HK$500 by choosing designated bank services. An addition of HK$500 supermarket cash coupons are offered to encourage the use of online application. To enjoy such incredible offers, simply fill in the application form online or call our hotline. Then the Personal Loan Centre Manager will contact you about the details of approval. Borrowers looking for instant approval are welcome to visit our Personal Loan Centres and submit all the required document on the spot. The bank will then make decision on the loan base on the credit rating of customers. Same day funds disbursement to designated bank account after approval is available to give you extra convenience. Apply online or arrange an appointment with our Loan Centre Manager today. Work out a better future planning with plenty of cash on hand!

To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!

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