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CCB (Asia) Visa Platinum Credit Card

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APPLY NOW CCB (Asia) Platinum Credit Card brings you fabulous privileges all year-round.

You can experience the all-round protection or fabulous travel privileges by enrolling either the Premium Free "Annual Insurance Plan" or "Instant Travel Club"!
Cardmembers are entitled to the following 3 insurance plans at no premium cost upon accumulated annual spending of HKD12,000 or above during the effective cardmembership year :
1. Annual Dental Insurance Plan  
  Year-round dental services including :  
  • Scaling and polishing
    (one time)
  • Simple extractions due to decay
  • Dental examinations,
    intra-oral x-rays
  • Teeth fillings due to decay
2. Annual General Practice Outpatient Insurance Plan  
  You will be entitled to 3 General Practice Outpatient visits. The privilege can also be shared with up to 3 immediate family members, including your spouse or your children aged 18 years old or below.  
3. Annual Medical Check-up Insurance Plan  
  Provide one-time medical check-up for the following items with reports :  
  • Blood Examination (Complete Blood Count)
  • Coronary Risk Screening (Cholesterol)
  • Diabetes Screening (Glucose)
  • Liver Function (SGPT)
  • Renal Function (Creatinine, Urinalysis
  Call 317 95588 (after selecting language press "4") or  
  Select “Credit Cards” after logon Online Banking, choose “Insurance Plan” and “Online Enrollment Form”  

Remarks : Cardmembers can only select to enroll a plan among Annual Dental Insurance Plan, Annual General Practice Outpatient Insurance Plan, Annual Medical Check-up Insurance Plan. Please click here to read the Important Notes. Not applicable to all CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card, Visa Infinite Credit Card, tiramisu Credit Card, Tastie Pass Credit Card and Hong Kong Airlines Fly Away Credit Card. Eye Credit Card is applicable to enroll Annual Dental Insurance Plan only.

Enjoy complimentary membership of Instant Travel Club, you can be a travelholic and enjoy what life has to offer!
Advance Mileage Redemption
Cardmembers can advance bonus points for mileage redemption. 
Depart whenever you wish and enjoy the vacation.
  • Redemption Period: Each year from May 1 - December 31
  • Repayment Period: From redemption day to April 30 in next year
3X bonus point* for travel and overseas transactions
0% Travel Installment
  • 0% Interest + 0% Handling Fee
  • Travel expense to be settled in 6 months
  • Simply call hotline to apply
Instant Travel Club Perpetual Membership Waiver
From now on, all new and existing members can enjoy perpetual membership fee waiver.
Instant Travel Club Registration Hotline : 317 95508

The maximum total amount of transactions eligible for this bonus point reward is HKD50,000 within each cardmembership year. 3 times bonus point rewards has included the basic bonus points given under Bonus Point Program.

Remarks : For terms and conditions of Instant Travel Club, please refer to click here.

Every HKD1 spending will earn 1 bonus point. Accumulated bonus points are valid up to 2 years for you to redeem Asia Miles and other fascinating reward items.

Apply Now Hotline 317 95500

Remarks: For details and redemption fee, please refer to the terms and conditions of Asia Miles Redemption Program. Please click here to read the details of Bonus Points Reward Program.

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