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Interbank Funds Transferimg
ATM Transaction
JETCO Cardless withdrawal%img
Voice navigation Service&img
^ Only applicable to CCB (Asia)’s ATM card
% Only available at ATM with "JETCO Cardless withdrawal" sticker
& Services include Balance Enquiry﹑HKD Cash Withdrawal﹑RMB Cash Withdrawal﹑Funds Transfer and PIN Change,only applicable to CCB (Asia)’s ATM card and ATM card issued by other JETCO member banks, and available at selected ATM.

Risk Disclosure
Currency exchange rates are affected by a wide range of factors, including national and international financial and economic conditions and political and natural events. The effect of normal market force may at times be countered by intervention by central banks and other bodies. At times, exchange rates, and price linked to such rates, may rise or fall rapidly.