CCB (Asia) Construction Industry UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

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CCB (Asia) and the Construction Industry Council have jointly launched the "CCB (Asia) Construction Industry UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card", offering registered construction workers a series of privileges on China-Hong Kong cross-border spending to enjoy the advantages of spending in the Greater Bay Area.

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Up to 5% Cash Rebate for Designated Spending

Using the card to pay for construction workers registration fees, test fees for Construction Industry trade tests and tuition fees for courses at Hong Kong Institute of Construction can enjoy 12.5 times points, which is equivalent to 5% cash rebate.

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Cash Advance Handling Fee Waiver

Cash Advance Handling Fee Waiver facilitates cash withdrawal at any time.

1. All cash advances made in Hong Kong or overseas ATM (whether in any currency) will be settled in Hong Kong dollars, and will be posted in HKD account of your card.
2. The preferential monthly rate for cash advance is 1.5%, for detail please refer to the CCB (Asia) Credit Card Fee Schedule.

Credit Card Bonus Points Reward Scheme

Cash Rebate for All Your Spending Year-Round

Earn 1 bonus point with every RMB/HK$1 spending or cash advance with the card. Your bonus points can be redeemed for cash rebate in RMB or HKD, which will be automatically converted on a monthly basis. What's more, there is no annual limit on the amount of cash rebate you can earn.

Bonus Points Cash Rebate
Every 250 Points RMB / HK$1 Cash Rebate

Remarks: Any cash rebate amount earned will be deposited into your selected HKD/RMB credit card account, and will be shown in the same period of statement. Please refer to the "Terms and Conditions of "Dual Currency Cash Rebate Scheme" for details.

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Annual Dental Insurance Plan

Cardmembers can enjoy the free "Annual Dental Insurance Plan" by reaching designated spending amount1 in Cardmembership year.

Enrollment Hotline: +852 3179 5533
1. To enjoy the "Annual Dental Insurance Plan" at no premium, Cardmember is required using his/her CCB (Asia) Construction Industry UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card at least once per statement cycle or has a total accumulated spending of a sum equals to or exceeding HKD12,000 during the effective Cardmembership year. (Cardmembers need to enroll by themselves)
2. Please click here to read the Important Notes.
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Year-Round HK$0 Handling Fee for Overseas Spending

Waiver of handling charges for overseas spending and foreign exchange to bring you more savings while enjoying shopping.

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Two Currencies in One Card
Enjoy Better Deals on Overseas Transactions

CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card combines both RMB and HKD credit card accounts in one card. Whether you spend in China, Hong Kong or overseas, you can enjoy better foreign currency exchange rate. China spending is settled in RMB, while spending in Hong Kong and overseas is settled in HKD. Spending with dual currency in one card brings you the ultimate convenience and saving.

Year-Round HK$0 Handling Fee Waiver for Overseas Spending

Waiver of handling charges for overseas spending and foreign exchange to bring you more savings while enjoying shopping.

Example for better deals on overseas transactions:
Ways of Purchase CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card Other Credit Cards
Japanese Yen JPY131,854 JPY131,854
Purchase equivalent value in
Hong Kong Dollars + Handling fee
HK$10,000+HK$0 HK$10,000+HK$195
Actual equivalent value
in Hong Kong Dollars
HK$10,000 HK$10,195
Comparison HK$0 Handling Fee
Saved HK$195
equal 1.95%
Up to 1.95%
  1. The above data, transaction and purchase equivalent value are for reference only.
  2. For the detailed terms and conditions of other credit cards, please contact the individual card issuers.
  3. The above case is only applicable to CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card.
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Tap Your Card To Pay in Greater Bay Area

UnionPay QuickPass Contactless Payments provide you with a hassle-free purchase by simply tapping your UnionPay Credit Card on a secure reader without signing^. Merchants accepting UnionPay QuickPass Contactless Payments are all around the world. QuickPass not only allow you to purchase in dining and shopping merchants, but also connect you with the public transportation across the Greater Bay Area. Please visit for more details.

^ UnionPay QuickPass contactless payment accepts any transaction of HKD/RMB 1,000 or below without the need of signature verification.
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CCB (Asia) UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card
Various Experience

Personal Concierge Privileges

Assistance in various areas, including travel, shopping, art and entertainment, wellness and dining.

UnionPay Premium Service Hotline +852 2169 0108
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Dragon HKPay QR Code Payment

CCBA UnionPay Credit Card holders may bind their credit card in Mobile Banking to enjoy UnionPay QR Code Payment Service. Upon successful binding, holders may make global QR Code payment to merchants simply through scanning a UnionPay QR Code. For details regarding the binding process and product functions, please refer to

*UnionPay QR Code payments must be taken place in countries or regions where UnionPay International has permitted such service to be carried out.

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UnionPay App

With UnionPay App, you can make easier, faster and safer contactless payment with your CCB (Asia) UnionPay Credit Card than ever! Add your card to UnionPay App now to enjoy convenient payment and fabulous offers! For details regarding the binding process and product functions, please refer to

UnionPay and UnionPay App
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A More Secure Way to Spend

Adjust RMB Credit Limit of Dual Currency Credit Card Anytime

Simply call our Customer Service Hotline to adjust the RMB credit limit for your Dual Currency Credit Card, to enjoy extra peace of mind while spending in China at ease.

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# Office hours: Monday – Friday 9:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.; Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays
Remarks: Applicant is required to provide a valid Construction Workers Registration Card (front and back) copy for application.
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