Credit Card Balance Repayment Calculator

To calculate:
a. The period of time (number of months) and total cost (including principal and Finance Charges) involved in paying balance in full by making only minimum payments
b. The monthly payment amount required and total cost (including principal and Finance Charges) to pay off the outstanding balance in 36 months

Assume that:
i. No unbilled installment and
ii. No new transaction, Annual Membership Fee and other fees and
iii.Repayments are made on or before the payment due date of each statement:.

Please enter your Balance Amount and Per Annum (p.a.) Rate:

Balance Amount (HK$*):
* Or HK$ equivalent
Per Annum (p.a.) Rate (%):
  Assume no additional charges and each month you pay… You will pay off the balance amount you have entered including the Finance Charges in about… and you will end up paying an estimated total of…
a Only the minimum payment  months HK$* 
b HK$*  36 months HK$* 

* Or HK$ equivalent
Remarks: The calculated period and amounts (rounded up to the nearest dollar) are for reference only.