Domestic Helper Insurance

Care for your
domestic helper
with insured protection

Under the Employee's Compensation Ordinance, your domestic helper should be insured throughout her term of employment. This protects her in the unlikely event of an accident or an unexpected mishap. Domestic Helper Insurance plan provides your helper with a full range of coverage.

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Plan highlights

Enjoy a full range of coverage including medical, hospitalization, dental and accident coverage, even he/she is off duty.

  • Two premium options:

    We offer two options to suit your individual needs:

    HK$750 per year

    Enjoy a discount of 10% for a one-time payment of HK$1,350 for a 2-year coverage

    Apply online to enjoy 20% premium discount.

  • High flexibility on protection transfers:

    Whenever you replace your existing domestic helper with a new one, the coverage plan can be fully transferred to your new helper, given a written notification to QBE Hongkong & Shanghai Insurance Limited is provided.

  • Optional Cover for Cancer and Heart Disease Extension

IA levy collected by the Insurance Authority has been imposed on relevant policy (except for certain exempted insurance classes) at the applicable rate and would be remitted in accordance with the prescribed arrangements. Policy holders / customers should pay the levy in accordance with the law. For further information, please visit or

The above premium is not inclusive of IA levy.

Coverage Items Maximum Limit of Liability
Employer's Liability HK$100,000,000 per event
Covers the costs and/or expenses you incurred in indemnifying against your liability towards your helper should she suffer from injury or disease during employment
Clinical Expenses# HK$4,000 per year
Reimburses clinical treatment expenses for the helper's sickness or injury, including treatment by registered or Listed Chinese medical practitioners, bonesetter or physiotherapist - For Clinical Visit: HK$200 per visit per day
- For registered or Listed Chinese medical practitioners (including bone-setting) or Physiotherapist Treatment: HK$100 per visit per day, max. of HK$500 per each 12-month period
Surgical and Hospitalization Expenses# HK$30,000 per year
Reimburses the hospitalization and surgical expenses incurred as a result of the helper's confinement to hospital. - For Room & Board and Hospital Services: HK$300 per day
- For Surgical Operation: HK$10,000 per operation
- For Anaesthesia: 25% of Surgical Operation Fee
- Administration for Operating Theatre: 12.5% of Surgical Operation Fee Maximum payable per year HK$ 30,000
Dental Expenses# HK$1,500 per year
Pays two-thirds of the expenses for professional oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings as a result of dental disease, two-thirds of expenses will be covered
Personal Accident HK$200,000 per year
For accidents occur during the helper's rest days
Loss of Service Cash Allowance# HK$6,000 per year
In the event that the helper is hospitalized, a daily cash of HK$200 will be payable for the loss of service commencing from the 4th day of the helper's confinement
Repatriation Expenses HK$20,000 per year
Pays the expenses incurred in repatriation of your helper back to her country of residence or post-mortem treatment and repatriation of the mortal remains to the airport nearest to the place of burial in her country of residence
Replacement Helper Expenses HK$10,000 per year
Due to the repatriation of your helper, the policy pays you the expenses incurred for employing a replacement helper
Fidelity Guarantee HK$3,000 per year
Pays the financial loss of the insured arising from the dishonest act of the domestic helper
Domestic Helper's Liability HK$500,000 per year
Covers legal liability of your Domestic Helper to third party (other than your family members) bodily injury or property damage as a result of negligence during the course of employment

#A 10-day waiting period from the commencement date of the policy shall be applicable. No benefits will be payable during the waiting period.

Optional Cover - Cancer and Heart Disease Extension :
With an additional premium, you can enjoy the following upgraded protection:
Surgical and Hospitalisation Expenses
Higher annual benefits HK$100,000
New lab test expenses at any licensed centre HK$5,000
Loss of Services Cash Allowance HK$6,000

Remarks: This optional cover applies to Domestic Helpers who are in good health conditions and have never been diagnosed or treated for heart disease or cancer at the time of insurance application.

Geographical Limit :
1. Except Employer's Liability, all benefits are subject to a geographical limit of Hong Kong only.
General Exclusions :
1. War and allied perils, acts of terrorism (except Employer's Liability), suicide, pregnancy or childbirth, intoxication by alcohol, narcotics or drugs not prescribed by a legally qualified and registered medical practitioner, pre-existing conditions, AIDS or AIDS-related complex.
Specific Exclusions :
1. Employer's Liability
Pneumoconiosis, nuclear energy and radiation, and any late-payment surcharge that the Insured may become liable under legislation.
2. Clinical Expenses, Surgical and Hospitalization Expenses and loss of Service Cash Allowance
Nervous or mental disease, venereal disease, congenital anomalies, or deformities, infertility, sterilization, heart disease, cancer, rest cure, physical check-ups and cosmetic or plastic surgery unless to correct an injury covered under this plan.
3. Dental Expenses
Routine examination, scaling, polishing or cleaning, crowning, bridges, braces and dentures.
4. Personal Accident Benefits
Driving or riding in any kind of race, and underwater activities involving use of breathing apparatus.
5. Repatriation Expenses
Any repatriation or transportation of mortal remains originating outside of Hong Kong.
6. Domestic Helper's liability
- Employer's liability
- Property held in care, custody or control
- Fines, penalties, punitive damages
- Libel or slander etc

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